by Ilio Masprone, Knight of the Principality of Monaco for cultural merits. MONACO. A challenging theme, Africa. You must have noticed: we have often dealt with the African Continent on our blog. With the articles of PEACE AND SPORT on the field, with those related to the Monaco’s Charity Foundations and Associations, with reports about the refugees from the African continent. Actually I think that Europe could cultivate the vast lands of Africa with more intelligence and generosity. Our committment to Africa could provide us with resources and tranquility; otherwise, it could be unstoppable decay and mess. Not to forget Africa, our blog www.Montecarlotimes.eu takes an active part in the initiatives of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco. On January 2018, the princely couple were welcomed in Burkina Faso by President Roch Marc Christian Kaboré for a three days of “friendly and working”visit. The third day they inaugurated and visited the polyvalent training center of the Red Cross in Loumbila. There, the Monaco pavilion is having a second life after the Milan 2015 Expo. In fact, the Monaco pavilion was designed to be dismantled and slightly modified to fit the needs of the Red Cross and the characteristics of Burkina Faso.

As for H.S.H. Princess Charlene’s charitable Foundation, it is focusing on three programs: “Learn to Swim”, “Water Safety” and “Sport & Education”. We also support as media partner to the projects of “the Route du Goût“, founded and presided by the starred chef Paolo Sari. Under the high patronage os H.S.H. Albert II and thanks to HE the Minister of State Mr Michel Roger, the “Route du Goût“ and the “Bio Chef Global Spirit”, in partnership with the OSO Foundation, is working to fund and build an organic Hotel school in Madagascar. In addition, through the Moses.Bio® and Orto® projects (organic vegetable garden) the association will provide the technical and financial support to develop ecological practices and organic agriculture in the region. For the first time, young people of this region will enjoy a higher education program in the hotel business management, especially with the enrollment of boys to the two-year rate at the Hotel High School in Monaco. Moreover, we give space and support to Mr. Joel Bouzu’s Peace and Sport programs as for instance “Sport Simple Solutions” as a tool to forge equal societies. Our blog is pleased to offer to our followers a lot of lightness, but lightness does not mean distraction. This year our Team will explore some sensitive topics of the Africa we do not want. However, it is Africa that we must also know, in order to be able to address its problems and challenges, and to cooperate for a common and indispensable stability.

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