The Spring Summer Trends on Show & The Social Networks New Turn – by Sara Muzi

MILAN. The Milan Fashion Week is held every six months. In September 2019 we can discover the new collections’ fashion shows and the spring summer 2020 trends. This unmissable event brings together on the catwalk the best “Made in Italy”. The fashion shows of the Milan Fashion Week in September 2019 are highly anticipated events, both because, as already mentioned, they reveal the trends of the season to come, and because they allow us to see a bit of that glamorous universe, between events, fashion shows and party, typical of the fashion world. Space will certainly also be given to the protagonists of young fashion, emerging designers who built their path step by step and finally arrive to present their creations among the Spring Summer 2020 collections at the Milan Fashion Week. It is crucial to visit the CNMI website to take part at the September 2019 edition of Milano Moda Donna 17-23 September 2019 and save the dates.

The calendar is set up by Camera Nazionale della Moda Italia (CNMI) that presides over the organization of the Milan Fashion Week PE 2020, and also of all the other editions. The calendar also marks all the locations where the Spring Summer (PE) 2020 fashion shows are held. This is essential to decide to follow a fashion show after another and to calculate the time of the trips. As generally the fashion shows reach the highlight during the weekend, with the fashion week’s big shows, it is important to be precise about the dates of Milan Fashion Week in September 2019, so as not to miss anything.

The splendid NH Palazzo Moscova

The Milan Fashion Week hosts numerous side events beyond the presentations, as glamorous parties and special events are organized by the brands to celebrate the collections they are presenting to the public and experts. Among the most coveted events there are undoubtedly the parties, often organized in glamorous places in Milan and for which it is usually strictly necessary to have an invitation. Obviously  it is not easy getting, but once you manage to be on the list you can enjoy a fantastic array of glamorous guests. For example in 2018, Palazzo Nh Moscova offered an aperitif with DJset until late in the evening on the occasion of the opening of the Women’s Fashion Week. Even the Cloister of the Diocesan Museum, a large green space of almost 2,000 square meters in the centre of Milan, full of history and extraordinary charm, opened to guests by invitation or registration. During the 2018 weekend three especially coveted events took place: an exclusive evening with Moët & Chandon Champagne in a location entirely set up for the occasion, at the 10h Floor of the Hotel Dei Cavalieri Terrace, animated by DJ Set & Live Violin from 7 p.m. till midnight; the opening by the Sheraton Diana Majestic Hotel of its garden doors for an elegant aperitif with Djset and violin performance; and the prestigious 5-star VIU Hotel made available its Rooftop with pool and breath taking view, with an exclusive Cocktail Party, the entrance by invitation or registration only. As in 2018, the 2019 created and developed by CNMI in collaboration with Eco-Age and with the support of the Ministry of Economic Development (MISE,) the ICE and the patronage of the Municipality of Milan will take place on September 22nd at the Teatro La Scala in Milan.

The “Fashion Oscars” parterre of the previous editions includes Alessandra Ambrosio, Cate Blanchett, Gisele Bündchen, Naomi Campbell, Colin Firth, Tom Ford, Andrew Garfield, Dakota Johnson and Julianne Moore. The fashion biz talents who will compete for the award for best eco-sustainable fashion project are: Flavia La Rocca, Michele Chiocciolini, Benedetta Bruzziches, Anyango Mpynga, ACBC (by Edoardo Iannuzzi); Twins Florence, Dalpaos (by Nicola D’Alpaos), Gin Salemò, Kexuan Li, Unravelau (by Laura Meijering). The jury includes Livia Firth (Eco-Age creative director); Carlo Capasa (President of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion); Ercole Botto Poala (President of Milano Unica); Christopher Bevans (Creative Director of DYNE); Derek Blasberg (YouTube Head of New Fashion and Beauty); Laura Brown (Director of InStyle); Sinead Burke (writer, activist and presenter); Natalie Kingham (Buying Director of Matches Fashion); Piero Piazzi (President of Women Management); Clare Press (Australian Vogue Sustainability Editor-At-Large), and the mythical Sara Sozzani Maino (National Chamber of Italian Fashion International Brand Ambassador, Vice Director of Special Vogue Fashion for Italian Projects and Director of Vogue Talents). It could be useful to know that to attend this exclusive event accessible only by invitation, some charity auctions, like for instance it was the case of “The children for peace” NGO in 2018, are selling some audience passes.

The Five Stars VIU Hotel Terrace

Of course photos and videos of the Spring Summer 2020 shows will be very useful for discovering trends, but also for seeing and reviewing the models and fashion shows that we loved the most on the catwalk. The photos can help ladies find ideas to decide how to dress and create looks that can be sported next summer. So get ready to browse through many photos of Milan Fashion Week, because you will never have enough!


As we said, the Milan Fashion Week is the stage of the Made in Italy, as all the great stylists present the collections on the calendar for the autumn season – winter and spring – summer during the fashion shows that are held in February and September. The photos of the Milan Fashion Week catwalks immortalize the trends, clothes and accessories destined to become must have for all fashion lovers. Armani, Prada, Gucci and the other important names in Italian fashion present themselves at the appointment with Milano Moda Donna always decide to amaze with their fashion shows, sometimes real shows rather than mere presentations. In the photo galleries of the catwalks of Milan Fashion Week you will find all the best – bags, shoes and dream clothes – seen in the past and current seasons of this event full of glamor and style and it will be like watching Milan live Fashion Week. So, how to participate in Milan Fashion Week? There are no real tickets but personal invitations and press and buyer accreditations… As we said sometimes charities put up invitations to raise funds, but that’s not the rule. To attend the fashion shows you can only get a personal invitation from the fashion brands, or apply for an accreditation requested directly on the official website of the Milan Chamber of Fashion, if you work as a specialized press or as a buyer in a luxury store. 

To get the accreditation for Milano Moda Donna you have to move really early and be careful to stay within the deadlines indicated, because many people want to see the collections on the calendar and if you exceed the last date for the request for accreditation there is no way to recover. In a first phase it is necessary to make a selection of the fashion shows, presentations and events that interest you most and then begin the procedure for requesting accreditation or start moving around with the press offices of the brands. It must be considered that the invitation to Milan Fashion Week is always personal; therefore only accreditations (buyers and press) can be the other way to enter the fashion shows. The personal invitation to a fashion show on the calendar at Milan Fashion Week is a precious commodity because it is not at all easy to obtain. The reason is easy to understand: the invitations for the fashion shows are intended for a single person and it is the fashion houses and stylists who choose who they want to have in their front row, signalling to the press offices the names of the lucky elect, generally involved in the work or testimonial. Mainly they are VIPs, brand faces, personalities from the fashion world (such as important journalists) and from the show who for various reasons have a connection with the fashion house. It is therefore natural that obtaining a personal invitation for the fashion shows on the calendar is a double satisfaction, because it means being taken into particular consideration by the brand in question, not to mention that the invitation itself often has an artistic value, some of them are true and own works of art, which sometimes also contain advances on the runway show. After all, no fashion house leaves things to chance when it comes to Milano Moda Donna. The specialized journalists, the bloggers, and the fashion experts of different magazines that deal with the fashion week and give them visibility thanks to the photos, are those to whom the press accreditation is reserved for the Milan Fashion Week fashion shows. If you are journalists or bloggers, you can simply go to the official website of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion in the “press” area and then download the form to request the accreditation. Anyway, after having understood that the front row at the fashion show is a place for a select few, in recent times things have taken a new turn. Some designers have in fact chosen to give up the traditional show and to present their collection with a video to very few elected (among buyers and experts), and then share it on the website. The focus of the change is to be found in these 3 magic letters: web, then adding another, even more meaningful in the origin of this new way of communicating the fashion shows: social.

The social networks have definitely made immediate, usable in real time, what we could have admired before from the magazines or in the services of skimpy news or, in the case of luck, in night insights. Now it’s all a live sharing made in Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat: pieces of collections branded with an “amazing”, given as a meal without explanation. And then the brands themselves decide to take possession of the social media and make the most of it.  Burberry, Ralph Lauren, and Carolina Herrera are among the first to understand it and the collections become accessible, live, on Periscope and on Snapchat, official brand profiles. The idea of ​​continuously updating the official website of the Maison is simplified, speeding up the relationship with fans and followers that becomes less b2c (business to consumer) and more friendly, with suitable and diversified languages ​​for each social network. We have seen how Armani, Prada, Balmain and many other Maisons have brought to the catwalk women’s pre-collections, and anticipations of what will soon be the collections that will be shown in Milan, London, Paris and New York during men’s fashion shows. At the same time, many designers are re-evaluating the presentations as a more intimate idea and in some respects empathic with respect to the fashion show. For example Gaia Trussardi presented the men’s collection at the Pinacoteca di Brera with lots of musicians, in a soft and chic atmosphere, decidedly less cannibalized than the frenzy of the show. According to the WWD site that interviewed industry experts, the shows from now until 2020 will be increasingly online and less live. Another scenario, on the other hand, sees fashion houses sell tickets to watch the fashion shows, so that the economic return would be assured. The fact is that the idea of ​​selling behind a collection has also changed, whereas before it would not have been possible to buy it, if not after six months, now some garments become trendy so quickly that they are immediately put on sale on the official website of the brand. One of the first to do so was Moschino with the arrival of the histrionic Jeremy Scottche, who focused a lot on the English designer’s POP accessories, making them viral first on social media and then shipping them in immediate online sales. In short, the future of fashion shows is to be rewritten. Surely many things have changed; now we need to understand how to make better use of them.

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