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MONACO. A word by Paolo Sari, the only certified organic star chef in the Michelin Guide: “I had the privilege of working around the world for over 25 years thanks to my passion for cooking. I have always loved traveling to discover other gastronomic cultures, other ingredients, other ways of cooking, other tastes. My curiosity and commitment to nature conservation quickly made me understand the impact of food on our well-being and that of the planet,” he said

“I discovered life through the kitchen! With my culinary education very rich in diversity I realized that I could share more than a recipe, a dish or a moment around a table. I wanted to engage more durably in the cultural sharing of organic food accessible to all. I met a lot of people who really inspired me about daily nutrition education and its environmental impact, which is important for us and especially for our children.”  concluded Sari. In this age of globalization, the cultural aspect of cooking leads to sharing. Cooking allows us to discover life differently through ingredients’ stories, recipes’ creativity, experience and sincerity of people. Sari built his life on these principles and today he wants to share with our readers what life has given him during these years, the passion for organic cooking! Everyone can cook organic. Everyone can live better by eating better and becoming aware of the impact of our food choices on the protection of nature. To be organic is simpler and easier than not to be. To raise public awareness of the benefits of organic foods the «Bio Chef Global Spirit Association», co-created in Monte-Carlo in 2015 with his wife Moné, Paolo Sari  funded the “Bio Chef Days” and the “Route du Goût”.

Introduction to “The Route du Goût Monaco Festival”:  The Route du Goût is the annual event of organic gastronomy, Ecology, Health, Youth and Sport for Charity, organized by the Bio Chef Global Spirit Association according to the Prince Albert II Foundation values. A free event and open to everyone on the Monaco Harbor on the Riva Tunnel areas with major charitable and humanitarian projects.

The Route du Goût brings together the organic world actors  and a passionate public, thus giving a global as well as a local dynamic to guarantee the success of this biological initiative. The Route du Goût  has transformed the adventurous journey of the first edition, to become the big Biological Festival in Monaco, gathering on Quai Antoine 1st the main actors in the global biological and ecological approach.

The festival will take place on the port of Monaco, Quai Antoine 1er from Friday 11th to Sunday 13th October. Visitors  will find a parking lot in front of the pontoons, where spaces are still available. Huge visibility, market in the square, dinner in the Riva tunnel on Saturday evening and visibility on the Riva boats in the afternoon, where an international Chef is associated with each boat. Fantastic experience and great visibility. The market will be open Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 18. The sale of products is important because it is what visitors want.

The chefs will prepare a tasting on board each boat on Saturday afternoons, 8 chefs for 8 boats, someone will already have the dish ready, someone will take the ingredients from the market. On Saturday night, we will move into the Riva tunnel for a festive cocktail, the idea is to assemble three / four producers’ buffets and an association stand for offers and to sell something, since participation in the cocktail will be free. Then there will be the various chef’s dishes. The idea is to have 8 chefs from 8 different countries. We’re working on it.  I would like to emphasize that participation in the Route du Goût is free and that it will be at the discretion of each participant whether to join with a gift of the desired amount to the charitable project. The whole has an ultimate charitable purpose. As you can see from the presentation, in recent years we have built a hotel school in Madagascar that opened its doors on April 1, 2019 and we planned to complete the school structure with the construction of a multi-purpose sports field.


Program of the 2019 Route du Goût.

Charity Project 2019 – The Felix School: following a gastronomic discovery trip to the OSO® site in 2014, Bio Chef Paolo Sari became aware of the fundamental issues that Education and Health represented for Madagascar, and especially for this region of the world. Ankarana. The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation works in Madagascar for the protection of the environment and the promotion of sustainable development. Its actions are mainly in the areas of Health, Poverty Alleviation and Education. Since the Route du Goût 2016 and 2017, Bio Chef Paolo Sari and the Felix School Foundation are working together to provide the School with a new infrastructure. Thanks to the partners and participants of the “Route du Goût”, an important financial donation allowed the construction in Ampampamena of the Training Center “Hotel and Culinary Institute Organic Moné and Paolo Sari” dedicated to the Culinary Arts, to the trades of the Hotel and Restaurant industry. Thanks to the funds raised during The Route du Goût 2018 we equipped the school; including the installation of a kitchen laboratory and a modern dining room, as well as the equipment of the classrooms to improve the reception of children and provide the institute with all means necessary for the good training of young people.

This new building of 100m² has opened on April 1st, 2019 and it will train over a period of two years twenty children, arriving at the end of the 3rd year (BEPC level), in the trades of Cooking, Catering and Hospitality. This training corresponds to a real need for Madagascar, whose tourism sector is one of the pillars of the local economy and job creation. The Association decided to accompany the new Training Center dedicated to the Culinary Arts and children as far as possible in their training and social inclusion. In 2019 the Association has launched two new projects,  the construction of a Campus dedicated to sports activities that will involve all pupils and “Coffee for Light”. The Global Spirit Bio Chef Association believes that together with a diet healthy and respectful of nature, children for proper training have the right to practice healthy sport. In a vision of reviving the economy of a tourism and a healthy restoration of this magnificent region of the African world, the young people of Felix School will be the ambassadors of tomorrow for this healthy project food and sports. As for “Coffee for Light” the Bio Chef Global Spirit Association and the Bio Chef Paolo Sari in collaboration with Bristot, expert in the production and roasted coffee for 100 years, have selected and signed a new biological and equitable kind of coffee. The sale of this new café will help equip the village from Ampapamena with electricity. In fact for every kg of coffee sold, 1 € will be dedicated to the purchase and commissioning  solar panels to guarantee electricity.

Friday 11th October: The Organic Market at the Bio Village, together with the  Monte-Carlo Country Club. 7 pm: Welcome and presentation of the Route du Goût 201 8 at the Monte Carlo Country Club. 7:15 pm: Press Conference Presentation of the sponsors and participants. 8 pm: Cocktail dinner 100% organic on invitation.

Saturday, 12e October: The Bio Chef Days together with the Riva Monaco Boat Service and the Foundation H.A.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco – 

Quai Antoine 1er: from 10 am to 6 pm ,  Organic Village: Innovation in Organic and Ecological Agriculture; Inauguration of the Village Biologique, where artisans, producers and organic winemakers will present their work. In a wonderful and welcoming area open to the public, people are welcome to visit, talk with producers, taste and buy their favorite products; Culinary Demonstration «Chefs Love The Planet» from 2.30 pm to 5 pm; Riva Boat Show and meeting with the Chefs and Shipowners; Tasting of the dishes prepared by the Chefs from 3 pm to 5 pm.

Principle of the “Chefs Love The Planet” event: Culinary Demonstration of 8 renowned Chefs each on board 8 boats; 1 Kitchen chef + an organic producer of the “Route du Goût. Realization of a dish at the Chef’s choice; Meeting with Chefs who will present the vision of the Organic Cuisine. Possibility of helping them during their demonstration; Exhibition of Riva Boats, meeting with shipowner and captain with whom it will be possible to visit the boat; Meeting with Michelin Star Chef Paolo Sari and Ms. Lia Riva, fund of  gastronomy and ambassador of the Riva’s philosophy.

Riva Tunnel: from 7pm to 10 pm Biological Reception The Bio Chef Days; Evening in honor of the protectors and craftsmen of the sea and the planet. Chefs, producers will interact with guests during the evening. Participation by invitation with free donation. The amount collected from time to time this evening will be dedicated to the charity projects of the association “Bio Chef Global Spirit»; opening at 7 pm; at 7:30 pm Presentation of “The Bio Chef Days” at 9:30 pm Awards Ceremony by the S.A.S. Prince Albert II Foundation; at 10 pm End of the evening.

Sunday 13th October – The market at the Organic Village – together with organic producers in the Monaco Region – Quai Antoine 1 st, from 10 am to 5 pm – The market producers at the Biological Village is open to everyone for the discovery, visit and purchase of products.

The Organic Market fueled with solar panels



The Prince Albert II Foundation  is a symbol of the well-being, respect and protection of the environment and of the evolution of renewable energies 


All this is also thanks to the Montecarlotimes Team’s support

It should be noted that this program may be subject to modification, it can evolve and it will be refined  consequently. Information, reservations and participation:

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