by Maria Bruno

MONACO. Normally taking place at the Grimaldi Forum during the weeks dedicated to the Grand Prix F1, the15 th Edition of EVER Monaco was rescheduled the 10th to 12th September, due to the restrictions of the Coronavirus pandemic. EVER Monaco is the oldest event dedicated to sustainable mobility and renewable energies in the Principality. Launched in 2005, each year this event brings together the major stakeholders in the sector.  Professional forum where members of the general public are also welcome, EVER Monaco is an exhibition and conference event that focuses on two key topics: the development of electric and hybrid mobility (from two-wheeled vehicles to private cars, also including public transport and industrial vehicles) and the use of renewable energies: wind, marine, solar… Organized on the fringes of EVER 2020, the “Ride and Drive”, electric boat builders have offered the opportunity to try out their vessels as part of a partnership with the Monaco Yacht Club, and the 6th edition of the Riviera Electric Challenge “Cagnes for Ever” international was again in the program, incorporating three countries (France, Monaco, and Italy), which share a common history and enjoy a very close friendship. Its aim is to bring together companies and groups carrying out best practices in the integration of electric vehicles into their fleets. At each staging post, the participants will be asked questions linked to the implementation of energy transition in each site. For the third time, a staging post party will be organised in Dolceacqua, a commune in the Province of Imperia, in the presence of the mayor and prominent Italian figures.

Up to the sixtieth, automotive manufacturers didn’t worry about the cost of fuel. They had never heard of air pollution, and they had never thought about life cycle. Ease of operation with reduced maintenance costs meant everything back then. Times have changed. Nowadays, clean air mandates are driving the market to embrace new propulsion systems to substitute or to assist the internal combustion engine. Within the same commitment, the alarming increase of the emissions of greenhouse gases associated with the drain in time of fuel reserves make it vital the investigation and the development of renewable energy systems… Ever Monaco, the first event to take place at the Grimaldi Forum since the health crisis hit, has been a great success attracting plenty of attention. From 10 to 12 September 2020 EVER2020 forum welcomed specialists coming from both universities and industries, involved in R&D projects in the area of ecological vehicles or renewable energies or both.

EVER2020 organization brought together more than 40 of the biggest players in sustainable mobility and renewable energies and attendees have had the opportunity to share their scientific, technical, business and social experiences with other attendees coming from all over the world, through the presentation and the discussion of their recent works either at lecture or poster sessions. Of course, the strictest health measures have been made in place to welcome thousands of visitors and industry professionals. In fact, the Grimaldi Forum Monaco has earned a new label from the Monegasque Government aimed at guaranteeing visitors to the Principality optimal sanitary conditions in all places open to the public.


Monaco Safe is recognition of all the measures already taken by the Grimaldi Forum Monaco and above all a real argument likely to reassure its customers for their event and for their entire stay in the Principality.

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