by Romeo Ferrero

MONACO. After the great success of the first “home made” edition, with the web series published online in May and June and succinctly in No. 59 of Montecarlotimes-Les Nouvelles magazine, Quality of Life format is back on the small but powerful screen of the social network. This time, the appointment on the official Facebook page @ qualityoflife2019 will be live. The choice of the “home made” version on the social platform is created by the serious situation due to the Covid 19 pandemic which continues to affect the whole world. But the desire to continue talking about quality of life is strong and, while waiting to relive this experience in the Principality of Monaco in a real conference room, we are pleased to present a summary of the presentations that will take place on Sunday, November 22 2020 from 4 to 5 p.m. It will be possible to meet, listen and interact with four exceptional characters, some already known in the previous editions and others ready to connect with the Quality of Life audience. First of all, we wish thank Giorgia Catalano, who agreed to lead this orchestra of different elements.

The event’s director Giorgia Catalano

Giorgia is the architect of a thousand artistic activities, thanks to a program rich in important cultural events. Since September 2020, she is also the creator and presenter on www.wrnradio.eu of “Kitchen Gi”, a program focusing on healthy eating and good food with the support and advice of the nutritionist and biologist  the physician Francesca Scarlatti. As always, Quality of Life will be a meeting full of cultural perspectives, focused on different themes and sectors. The first guest will be Roberto Farnetani, founder in the Principality of Monaco of Engineering & Energy, a company expert in strategies and innovative solutions in the energy, engineering and associated markets. He will talk about the new social paradigm focused on the themes of overpopulation, wars, diseases, famines and especially climate change. Many wonder whether the current situation is to be attributed to the global management system based on the beehive model, where each environmental and national cell produces a primary surplus in intensive economy mainly for the benefit of the financial business world. Gestional engineer Roberto Farnetani has more than twenty years of experience in this field and he will explain how to overcome the current impasse thanks to the contribution of the energy communities’ programs.  After this interesting intervention, Quality of Life will once again welcome Graziano Rey, an extremely sensitive eclectic designer, painter and artist, who creates informal works with strong visual impact. We recall that after living as a protagonist in the mass media society, he lived for a year in Tonga, performing what anthropologists call “participant observation”.

Graziano Rey, eclectic designer, painter and artist

His work is the expression of a synthesis of archetypal signs and meanings, belonging to all humanity since its dawn. Today, his painting exposes and communicates subjects whose principles he has assimilated as philosophical truth. Graziano is coming back to Quality of Life to delight us with his art, and we hope that at this event he will want to give us some live brushstrokes. The third protagonist, the writer Francesco Rodolfo Russo, is also a return to Quality of life. Organizer and cultural animator, his literary work is presented in periodicals, adapted for recitals and performed on stage. He has also contributed to many magazines with articles, columns and reviews, he is the author of textbooks and he was the editorial director at the Giancarlo Zedde publishing house from 2004 to 2014. He is currently the editorial director of the CET publishing house Stigma series. This master of reading and writing will deepen the love of books and culture. Fourth protagonist is pianist Elisabeth Nielsen, in video conference from her home in Copenhagen. A promising talent of recent years, named “The Young Artistic Elite” by the National Arts Foundation in 2020, Elisabeth has won numerous competitions in Denmark, Austria, Portugal, Italy and the Netherlands.

The Danish pianist Elisabeth Nielsen

Soloist graduated from the Vienna University Conservatory of Music and the Steinway Academy in Verona, Nielsen brings music to the highest artistic level by her musical expression. Critic acclaimed her solo CDs at Danacord with works by Bach, Schumann, Prokofiev, Beethoven and Carl Nielsen. In the meeting of November 22, she will tell us her story and she will delight us with some piano notes, her life best friend. The second edition of Quality of Life 2020 will be really full of surprises and, as always, it will seek quality of life in all its forms. The great online success obtained last Spring could not stop and it is even stronger today thanks to the creation of this live event on Sunday, November 22 2020 from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. on its official Facebook page which, we repeat, is not to be missed and put in your bucket list. Finally, the event will be coordinated as always by the team made up of Maria Sole Ferrero and Federico Croce, social media managers and directors of this event, while as creator and founder I will intervene to greet the guests and reaffirm my will to talk about the quality of life and my commitment to be present, even virtually.

You can connect to the Facebook page @ qualityoflife2019, or visit the official website www.qualityoflifemc.com and click on “PARTECIPA”. Replication of this live event is very likely, given the high demand to share experiences. We also appeal to the commercial and advertising sectors of whom we have a great need even if we are in smart working mode…  If you wish to be one of the next protagonists of our events please write to Romeo Ferrero podcastmc@gmail.com or call +33 6 65759058 and +39 3356107140.


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