By Maria Sole Ferrero

MONACO. Two interesting projects by MDC and Namira are placed on the Italian Ministry of infrastructure’s table. From the Ligurian Riviera of Ponente with the seafront of Ventimiglia to the Tuscan coast with the plan for the recovery of the areas behind the port of Marina di Pisa the expansion strategy of the company specializing in the development and management of real estate projects linked to tourist ports in the Mediterranean goes on. Since April Marina Development Corporation (MDC) has added a new step in the expansion strategy in Italy formalizing the acquisition, through the real estate fund “Pisa in progress”, of the area behind the Marina di Pisa marina owned by the company Boccadarno Village Spa, currently in agreement with the creditors. MDC, which will present the new Masterplan in the year, will be responsible for the new urban regeneration project. The Tuscan coastal area can count on a recovery plan already approved by the municipal administration of Pisa in 2006, not completed in the previous management. It provides construction rights of 55,000 square meters, for residential, hotel, commercial and mixed development.

The town of the leaning Tower endorses a new urban regeneration project

Giuseppe Noto, Director of MDC, after expressing his satisfaction with the important result, said: “We are convinced that Marina di Pisa and its port are a destination with great growth opportunities, which will result significant economic benefits in the region. Our intention is to enhance the territory by providing the master plan that we are going to implement: innovation, sustainability, dialogue with the aim of enhancing the wealth of the territory. This is the approach that we are successfully adopting in Liguria, in Ventimiglia – concluded Giuseppe Noto – and we are eager to get to work to create a project in Pisa that has the same qualities and ambitions”. MDC, in fact, is already the promoter of Borgo del Forte, an urban regeneration project of the Ventimiglia seafront, between the Upper Town hosting the historic medieval center and the tourist port built by the Ports of Monaco and which will be officially inaugurated during the summer. Borgo del Forte aims to make the well-known city of the Western Ligurian Riviera an international tourist destination through a mixed offer of accommodation, hospitality, sport and culture; a unicum for Liguria that will be built according to international standards of sustainability, respecting the territory, its history and responding to the new needs of life. The design of the Ventimiglia master plan is in its final stages, and it will be officially presented to the city administration the 2 July 202.  This was announced by the mayor of the border city Gaetano Scullino who took part in the launch of Monaco One, the catamaran that will connect the port of the Principality to that of Ventimiglia. Both ports of call were built by the Ports de Monaco. The latest news is that the Namira Company owned by the Dutch businessman Robert Thielen asked the Ventimiglia Municipality to endorse his project of the new waterfront of the port that will double the volumes and will take the name of “Borgo del Forte”.

Robert Thielen at Cala del Forte in Ventimiglia

It would enhance and complete the entire marina area, applying to become a new and important Italian tourist destination thanks to the construction of three typical Ligurian buildings that will make up the new 5-star hotel – with 20 suite rooms – which, on an area of two thousand square meters, will offer high quality services such as gym, wellness center and restaurant. In addition to the suites, the hotel will also manage 70 other luxury apartments, all with dedicated terraces, surrounded by greenery, also with hotel options. They will be for sale, but without the possibility of taking up residence and with the contractual obligation to leave them under management at the hotel for a certain period of the year. Moreover, there are many areas of intervention to deduct urban planning costs: an investment that will equip the border city with a new park, a public lift, and even an Olympic-size swimming pool with adjoining gym, changing rooms and club house; tennis courts; an international school; a multifunctional building that will house an auditorium, library and events. At the place of the ruined restaurant “Segreti”, named after its owner in the sixties, a new restaurant “La Rocca” will be located to the west of the residential-hotel complex. Overlooking the sea and the new tourist port of the city, the new restaurant will develop over a total area of ​​500 square meters as well as large terraces and outdoor spaces. The new owners aim high: the goal is in fact to make the Rocca a high-quality restaurant, a reference point for lovers of good food and good drink, capable of attracting customers even outside Liguria and beyond. border. For the assignment to be managed, advanced discussions are underway with internationally renowned starred restaurateurs. The restaurant will be directly connected to the quay level of the port equipped with large public parking lots. A suggestive panoramic walk of just two hundred meters will lead customers to the Rocca. A car valet service by electric vehicle is also being studied. As for the Campasso area, 30 thousand square meters of former railway areas, behind the naturalistic area that rises at the mouth of the Nervia river, will become an international campus named Borgo del Forte Campus with a public green park, 6 tennis courts, an Olympic swimming pool, an international school with an adjoining dormitory for teachers, students and athletes, and an event space. The intervention also provides for the redevelopment of existing warehouses with mixed functions. The former Aci building in piazza della Costituente, owned by the Marina di Ventimiglia project, will be called Club Italia and will be subjected to a complete renovation in an eclectic style. The new building will be developed on two floors, for a total of 600 square meters, which will house two interconnected shops dedicated to excellent food & beverage, with products also linked to the territory. The ground floor will be dedicated to sales, while the upper floor, with a terrace, will welcome guests for tastings. The commercial structure will be linked to the square in front and could become a new and interesting meeting point for the city of Ventimiglia. Finally, an important public intervention is planned at via Verdi: a parking structure on three floors, on the top of which an equipped green area of ​​about 1400 square meters will be created, with an extraordinary belvedere and panoramic view open to citizens.

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