by Eleonora Pedron.

MONTECARLO. Our meeting with the Russian businessman Serguey Vikulin of Raschini Fashion was much more than just a coffee break in a busy working day. During the exhaustive interview in the American Bar at the Fairmont Hotel in the centre of Monte-Carlo, we got to know and appreciate the entrepreneurial philosophy of Serguey Vikulin Yuryevich. Soon, with the opening of its boutique in the Galleria Park Palace, he will enliven the Monaco sartorial landscape, thanks to the exclusive services suitable for the very demanding customers who frequent the Principality. The refined, smiling young Russian businessman is an impressive man of noble appearance, perfectly matching his prestigious Neapolitan Raschini Brand suit, which Serguey Vikulin wears with natural elegance. After shortly referring to his degree in political science, and after having briefing us about the career that led him to establish himself as president of Raschini Fashion House in Moscow, Vikulin fully introduced us into the philosophy of the Neapolitan brand Raschini, rightly considered the arbiter of trends among luxury brands. “The most obvious advantage -Vikulin says – is the individual approach to each customer – these are not just words but the principle underlying the work of the fashion house. Raschini shows a deep affection for the customer and so each detail is tailor-made for him.  The story of the Italian brand that has achieved so much success in Moscow, establishing itself firmly there for two years now is fascinating. Also, Vikulin organizes in Moscow elitist artistic and sports events to promote his company. An exhibition held last October has been of special interest for the Principality and for the French Riviera, due to the presence of photographic works on display such as “Winnie on the Cannes beach” and “Grace Kelly, Alfred Hitchcock and Oleg Cassini”, which immediately aroused interest as purchasing items. The individual approach and philosophy elite is the basis of the relationships with customers, since it is precisely the uniqueness of each product Raschini brand to bring out the unique taste of each client, the deep perception of their originality and the ability to properly put accents to express their personality through the clothes. The historic brand offers special services – clothing, suits and shoes come from the best tailors in Italy, fabrics and leathers have all the best requirements – so it will be hard to find anywhere else in the fashion world a similar quality approach. Each order is seen not merely as a pretext to increase sales, but as a reason for the customer to become an integral part of the artistic process of his wardrobe. “For us, Vikulin continues, it is extremely important that the customer understand and be proud of the unique attention put in the execution of his wardrobe. Moreover, he has the opportunity to follow the work during the many Raschini trunk shows and workshops, with the participation of the best Italian tailors. “Every item offered by the boutiques of the Italian brand contains something more than a renowned style and a unique elegance: the customer acquires indescribable feelings and a positive state of mind, the easy chic, genetic fingerprint of the creators of each article become his. In the clothes that will be sold in Monaco boutique, every detail is executed by hand and every element is carefully worked. Great attention is put on key points such as pockets, lining, buttons, and cuffs. Raschini does not use robotic machines. Sewing and steam irons are the same used a hundred years ago, at the time of the Neapolitan Antonio Raschini founder. The name became quickly famous around the world, especially among the Russian people, which is very interested in the Italian style. Thanks to refined and high-quality clothes, combined with the typical Neapolitan concept of “hand-stitched”, the variety of colours and rich fabrics, the Boutique Raschini for man has become, in the early years of the millennium, the preferred destination for many Russian celebrities, who flocked to purchase in the Vikulin Boutiques.  Currently, the Neapolitan-Russian house offers not only clothing for men but also for women and children, and it is in constant development. Soon, Serguey Vikulin will export the Brand far beyond the Principality of Monaco. Thanks to the presence on the Russian market, in fact, the Maison Raschini has become synonymous of stylish clothing for many VIP, emphasizing more and more the legendary and historic Italian quality of work done by hand, in which Naples is mastering. These prerogatives are well known to Vikulin, which in its new Boutique Monaco will adopt the philosophy of individual approach, the basis of relations with the international clientele. “Each item proposed by our Boutique – says Serguey Vikulin – must enclose the distinct personality and exclusivity of the wearer, thus outlining a real lifestyle, based on the Easy Chic philosophy that only a high-Brand like the Neapolitan Raschini can transmit.” So, a Russian-Italian-Neapolitan philosophy, rediscovered by the Muscovite Serguey Vikulin Yuryevich will expand the great name of Italian tailoring anywhere in Europe, starting from here, from the Principality of Monaco, indisputable and splendid showcase for an inimitable product for quality and style, that of the Made in Italy tailoring.

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