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by Eleonora Pedron

MONACO. Mr.Henri Fissore is the new Chairman of the of the Board of Directors of the Grimaldi Forum. He has been appointed the top position of this unique “Event Factory” succeeding as of 1 October 2017 Jean Pastorelli, Minister Plenipotentiary, who has held this position since 2011. The Event Factory is a new dimension born of an unique experience at the confines of art and business; a space for imagination that pushes back the  boundaries of creativity.  The Event Factory is a method, a new, out­ of-the-box style of project management and organisation: transversal, smooth, intelligent, fast. A system that fosters, enriches and exports ideas far beyond its walls. In a sort of compression and expansion, the worlds of art and business complement each other, interact and produce incomparable energy, serving the event. Its cultural production infuses cultural dynamics within the Principality of Monaco.

35 000 m2 of modularity and creativity

As part of its public service mission, GFM’s Department of Cultural Events contributes to the cultural richness of the Principality of Monaco and participates in its international and national prestige by supporting a challenging and diverse program, open to all publics. The production of high level exhibitions and the production of shows and/or concerts are the two axes of this programming, conditioned by material factors such as its focus on certain periods of the year (Summer, essentially, Easter, Christmas) in the center of some chosen spaces: the lobby, the Salle des Princes, and the Espace Ravel – for the summer exhibition. These spatial and temporal requirements influence a cultural policy whose singularity and identity – through, among others, summer exhibitions – is based on three characteristics: novelty, the strength of the scenographic writing, and the international calling.

Elegant and flexible, the brand new Indigo is a 800 m2 space with an exceptional panoramic sea view terrace

Inaugurated in 2000, the Grimaldi Forum is headed by Sylvie Biancheri, General Director, and welcomes every year just over one hundred events, the vast majority of which are related to business tourism (congresses, conferences, trade fairs). Every year, it also organizes a major summer exhibition as well as shows of an international level. Mr Fissore extensive experience in the functioning of Monaco’s institutions, particularly in the field of economic development, together with his international vision are all part of his expertise, which he intends to bring to the Grimaldi Forum.

Henry Fissore, Chairman of the of the Board of Directors, with Sylvie Biancheri, General Director of the Grimaldi Forum, Congress Centre and Cultural Centre of Monaco

His responsible involvement in the Event Factory is a sign of unwavering commitment to the success of each event in respect of human and environmental values. A current of carrier energy, fed by the synergy of major economic actors and the will of a whole country. Thanks to the expertise of the Presidency, the Management and its teams, the GFM’s expertise is consolidated over time and enriched every day. The Event Factory translates the real added value of the Grimaldi Forum, it is a mass of talents and experience, of creativity and mastery, capable of turning each project into a unique event. Producer of high level scientific exhibitions and bringing together works from private and public collections worldwide, as well as, of course, from the world’s greatest museums in Europe, America, the Middle East, and the Far East, the GFM has acquired – for now close to fifteen years – a great legitimacy with international institutions. Since its opening, the variety of its exhibitions subjects has been part of our popularity and the opening towards new publics, since its program is open to all forms of creativity and themes: heritage topics, monographs, contemporary art… all sensitive and charming angles that offer different perspectives on Art. In continuing the exhibitions, media tools (audioguides, guided visits, mediators), the establishment of workshops for children, as well as the publication of a catalog (and of a small journal) sold in the summer exhibition store and in the editor’s distribution network, all contribute to communicating a program that is both challenging and diverse.

The Summer 2017 exhibition “China of the First Emperors” recorded 47 000 visitors

A graduate of ESSEC and Sciences Po Paris, a former ENA student, 64 years old and the father of two children, Henri Fissore has worked in the Monegasque Public Service for 37 years. He was notably the General Director of the Department of the Interior, before becoming Inspector General of the Administration as well as, for two terms, a member of the Government (first as Government Advisor for Finance and Economy, then for External Relations). He has also served as Ambassador to Italy, to Japan, to Australia and to Portugal, completing his administrative career as Ambassador on mission to the Minister of State, focusing on issues related to attractiveness. Henri Fissore was also a National Councilor (parliamentary). In his function as Chairman of the Board of the GFM’s Event Factory, Mr. Fissore pays particular attention to the Return On Investment that becomes real thanks to the “Monaco Meetings” offer and its many added values.  R.O.I. goes by the name of impact – when a conference makes a lasting impression or a work of art arouses emotion in the general public. From mediation to mediatisation, the Event Factory nourishes Monaco’s capacity to amaze, seduce, showcase, amplify and dazzle.

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