by Ilio Masprone-Knight of the Principality of Monaco for cultural merits MONACO. Hope springs eternal in the human breast…asserts Alexander Pope’ in his poem “Essay on Man”. People will continue to hope even though they have evidence that things cannot possibly turn out the way they want… Now, having our important website attacked by an hacker was the most frustrating thing. Beyond reporting to the cyber police and looking forward to getting some equity on the matter, we could do very little during the festive time.  Henceforth,  people who like both our Montecarlotimes website, Fb and Twitter and who didnt’heard from us for a while, will find a new version of our blog, clicking www. Montecarlotimes.eu, instead of Montecarlotimes.com. Well, beyond exchanging greetings and wishes for the year 2018, it’s by now time to contemplate the coming seasons. People sometimes say that time flies. For me it has been the case for this 2017, as I was focused on so many things that I didn’t notice the calendar pages flipping. Today,  given the post-War era worst economic crisis ever, we have causes for concern especially about the economic sector. Now, here’s here: there have been 13 interest hike cycles in the post-War era. Ten of them ended in recession. Recessions happen when consumer spending falls, thereby impacting corporate earnings. Corporate earnings are the lifeblood of the stock market. When earnings are growing, companies hire people to make more stuff to sell in order to ride the wave. Companies will also raise dividends, buy back stock, and pay more in taxes, all of which helps keep the bull rolling. Conversely, when corporate earnings are falling, people get fired, dividends get cut, tax rolls fall, investments stop, and there you have it: bear market. Rising interest rates are designed to slow borrowing and spending a bit. And then some periodic shock to the economic system does the rest. Obviously, there’s no way to predict when an economic shock will hit! I don’t have special survival skills, but I know how to work hard. I am resilient. I wish that you all are so as well and be able to smile at life’s ups and downs. When you see people without a smile give them one of yours! Even more, this year is a must imperative to learn to smile with your eyes! The smile that involves the eyes is called “Duchenne smile” and is the most sincere ever. When even the eyes and not the mouth alone smile, then your expression has the power to attract people. The main thing is that a “Duchenne smile” is very difficult to fake: if the eyes also participate, it means that you are really happy. Focusing on good thoughts can help you look more sincere, but when you’re really good then you can smile “only” with your eyes!

One last tip: on January 21 the world is celebrating the “Hugging Day”. Increase your dose of happiness enjoying the day dedicated to hugs …Wishing you a new year rich with the blessings of love, joy, warmth, and laughter.


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