by IlioMasprone-Publisher – Knight of the Principality of Monaco for cultural merits MONACO. The luxury has taken hold of the global economy. Understanding consumer behaviours and what triggers happiness in the actual crisis, luxury has penetrated the most entrenched markets. Controlling masses’ aspirations and influencing the codes of beauty, luxury has become the ultimate aspiration for millions. Talisman brands and products are opening a new world for the consumer. Since more than a century, the Principality of Monaco has created its uniqueness, emotional bonds and a sustainable relationship with consumers. Montecarlo itself is a “brand” that has won the loyalty of visitors, creating the magic. Monaco’s relationship with the outside world is characterized by openness and exchange. But loyalty is now a two way street. A worldwide survey of consumers found that nearly half of people between 18 and 44 years of age feel that any loyalty they feel toward brands in the future will have to derive from the types of experiences brands create for them. The mobile revolution is front and center. Intel social scientist Genevieve Bell – who sees the ties with our devices becoming a relationship – recalled hearing this statement about a phone: “I fight with it sometimes, but we make up, and I know it will always have my back.” And now on the radar, significantly, chat blogs which allow people to chat with brands is the challenge. That is why, as part of the development of an e-Government and the launch of the Prince’s Government’s new graphic identity, the Prince’s Government has put in place an ambitious and practical plan to modernise the State. Monaco is a “modern” country, with its finger on the pulse – exemplary at more than one level. Keeping up in modernity has led to the setting up of new e-Government processes and facilitating contact, applications and procedures. It has also involved completely re-examining relationships with users. H.S.H. the Sovereign Prince has given the Government a very explicit roadmap on modernisation and how to interact with users. A Country, a State, an Administration, a Community: Modernity to serve excellence and act as an example to all”. Being modern does not mean being without roots, or turning one’s back on experience. A modern State is an exemplary State. A modern Administration is a community of human resources striving for excellence, providing quality of service and nurturing high-quality relationships with all those with whom it is in contact. Information travels at the speed of light. The communication strategies have changed. Consumers need a new product in the shop every week and a great event every month. Industry sectors are melting and reforming in startlingly creative ways, challenging companies to blend talents, disciplines and technologies in a supercharged wave of innovation. As new technologies cause value chains to rapidly evolve and organizational boundaries to blur, human roles and tasks are also digitizing, as machines alter how knowledge work is performed. As for Monaco’s capacity to stay in the game in this moment of global crisis, understanding consumer behaviours and what triggers happiness while shopping a car or a watch, choosing a jewel or a dress or a pair of red shoes, can make the difference between closing the sale or losing the customer…

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