by Marisol Bertero

MONACO. An Italian talent, the just 15 years old Letizia Pinocci will be soon acting in Hollywood. Given her scholastic commitments, her debut in Hollywood is scheduled for June 2019 with the participation in the “The White Stallion”, a movie produced by her father Enrico Pinocci, owner of the Movie On Pictures Ltd. The movie will be filmed in Beverly Hills and in a ranch in San Luis Obispo, in Los Angeles North. At fifteen, Letizia is yet a very tall girl, like her mother, the actress-model Irina Sidorovskaia.

The young actress Letizia Pinocci

After being testimonial at the Cannes Film Festival of the famous French fashion designer Cristophe Guillarme, Letizia was received at the Italian Embassy of Monaco by the ambassador, H.E. Cristiano Gallo, along with some cast members of the film “Mission Possible”. (see cover photo: from left to rightLetizia is seated second place ) Last February in London Mr.Enrico Pinocci has won the TMT Entertainment Award as “best company production and distribution film for 2017 in the United Kingdom “, for developing a successful international business.

Since 2015 Pinocci has launched his production’s projects creating comedies for families, casting some famous Hollywood stars. Since very young Letizia started to play in some of her father’s movies. Letizia was born in Rome, but as a child she moved with her family in Monte-Carlo, where she is enrolled at the International School of Monaco. She is also improving her acting talent under the American actor and director Bret Roberts as her acting coach. In 2106, Letizia played in “Teen Star Academy”, filmed in Monte-Carlo and other cities of the French Riviera, starring with international actors like John Savage (Hair, The Hunter, The Godfather, The Thin Red Line), Blanca Blanco (Fake news , Torch, American romance) and Bret Roberts (May, Pearl Harbor, Nightstalker).

The cast of the family movie Teen Star Academy – Center: Letizia Pinocci


She continued her artistic career

with her first starring role along with 5 other teenagers in the film “Six children and one grandfather” alongside with the Oscar nominee Burt Young (Rocky, Chinatown, Mosse vincenti, Once upon a time in America) and John Savage, Blanca Blanco and Bret Roberts. In 2017, she is the main character in “Mission Possible” with the actors James Duval (Donnie Darko, Independence Day, Out in 60 seconds, Doom Generation), Chris Coppola (The legend of Beowulf, Postal, Friday 13, Polar Express), John Savage, Bret Roberts, and Blanca Blanco. Her fourth film “The dog of Christmas” is currently in post-production, featuring Brian McGuire (1 World 100 Lonely, Window licker, Sick of it All), John Savage, James Duval, Blanca Blanco, Bret Roberts and Chris Coppola. “The Dog of Christmas”, set in the most evocative locations of the French Riviera like Montecarlo – Menton – Roquebrune Cap Martin, is written by Enrico Pinocci with the collaboration of Francesco Malavenda. The protagonist of the film is an adorable ShihTzu, named Alex. The puppy dog arrives on the eve of the Christmas festivities in a wealthy family as a gift from the father to his wife and their three children. But the surprise is not appreciated by the spouse, which hates dogs. Thus a difficult cohabitation begins between the lady and Alex, until one day … Last Spring, the production’site received the visit of the Italian Ambassador of Monaco, H.E. Mr. Cristiano Gallo, who wanted to personally congratulate Mr. Pinocci for his intense cinematographic activity in the two Rivieras.The official release of the film, which will be distributed in 40 countries, took place at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2018, while the international première will take place at the American Film Market in November 2018.

The Italian Ambassador In Monaco Cristiano Gallo and Enrico Pinocci

The next movies, currently in pre-production, are the comedy family romance “Daddy do not Marry Again”, with Dean Cain (Lois & Clark –Superman last Adventures, Out of time, God’s dead) and the family musical “Teen Star Academy 2”. As the first movie, the sequel will be filmed between the French Riviera and Italy. The comedy romance “Jonny Zumba” and “The White Stallion” will be filmed in Los Angeles, but “2 Hearts and 3 Puppies at Christmas” will once again be set in Cote d’Azur. Thanks to the link with the United States that boasts a vast film market, Movie On Pictures Ltd is able to support a wide range of customers in the world. “After studying the international market for years, I mainly focused my activity on the production of family films. – comments Mr. Pinocci -“Receiving such an important recognition in London made me very happy. I am looking forward to developing the objectives that I have set, the realization of 6 films a year, starting from 2019”. It seems that the young cinema star Letizia has taken the same determination from her father’s DNA and that she is truly worthy of acting in the films produced by her father.

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