Investopedia is the world’s leading source of financial content on the web, with more than 20 million unique visitors and 60 million page views each month. Wholly owned by IAC (NASDAQ: IAC), Investopedia is the largest financial education website in the world. Powered by a team of data scientists and financial experts, Investopedia offers timely, trusted and actionable financial information for every investor, from early investors to financial advisors to high net worth individuals. Investopedia is operated by IAC Publishing, a collection of some of the web’s largest and most trusted digital media brands. Investopedia is part of IAC’s family of websites, one of the largest in the world reaching users in more than 200 countries with over two billion monthly visits.


Expert instruction from Investopedia – Self-paced, online courses that provide on-the-job skills—all from the world’s leader in finance and investing education.

We value a work hard and play hard culture. While results are ultimately our focus, we show up every day to an office environment that we are excited about and proud to be a part of.


We Believe in “SCOPE”

  • Selfless

Exceptional service is our intrinsic incentive. Our leaders serve their teams. Our teams serve their users and clients. We learn, then teach, and by teaching we grow.

  • Celebrate

Don’t take yourself too seriously. Problems arise and we need to always rise above them. Maintain a work-life balance by working smarter not harder. Work is what you make it. Make it fun.

  • Over-Communicate

Debate! Discuss! Sound logic is useless if not heard. See something. Say something. Honesty and transparency are essential. EQ is more important than IQ. Be quick to ask for help and admit mistakes.

  • Plan

Testing, quickly iterating and being resourceful are the path to winning. We fix problems by focusing on root causes. Vision without execution is hallucination. Deprioritization beats prioritization as you can’t do it all.

  • Empower

You are the “CEO” for your area. Always act like one! Lead with integrity. Be proactive, and have a bias to action. Avoid analysis paralysis. You steer your career growth, don’t let others steer it for you.


We are always looking for motivated, multi-talented, and organized people to join our diverse team. Investopedia’s Content team is made up of a core group of editors and analysts who have deep expertise in our key areas of focus: Investing, Markets, Retirement, Personal Finance, Wealth Management, Finance Education and the cross-section of technology and money. We have an internal team of writers as well as a global network of contributors with industry expertise who work with us to create thousands of articles, videos and interactive features every month.

Our goal is simple: Provide actionable insights to our visitors to make them smarter investors.



The Marketing team at Investopedia is responsible for all facets of brand awareness and audience relationships. Using tactics such as email, social media, SEO, publisher partnerships, community outreach and digital advertising the diverse group of digital marketers work towards cultivating power users and improving their experience.

The Product team drives the product vision, roadmap, future definition, design, development and optimization for Investopedia. The team is comprised of product managers, data analysts, designers and developers who adhere to lean agile principles to ideate and create exceptional user experiences or to increase revenue. The team also manages the rapid growth of Advisor Insights, the premier platform enabling thousands of financial advisors to market their businesses by publishing thought leadership articles or answering investor questions.

Investopedia’s Revenue team is made up of Sales, Planning, Research, Design and Ad Operations. Our goal is to help clients realize their marketing initiatives by leveraging Investopedia’s vast range of content and research to deliver highly focused cross-platform, performance-based marketing programs to users from all over the world. Our team is inventive and driven to continue to serve our audience high quality content and top of class products that lead the financial marketing space.

Investopedia’s Development team is comprised of talented, driven and innovative software developers, data analysts, and engineers. This agile team collaborates with clients to create industry-leading content and products that adapt to Investopedia’s wide range of needs by converting smart ideas into successful results. Our Engineering team provides in-depth data analysis and timely problem solving to help make the company’s vision a reality.

The Financial Planning and Analytics department offers forecasts for the future, oversees all budgeting, and is responsible for a timely accounting close. Members of this team must look past the bottom line into what the numbers mean for future enterprise growth. The Finance Team prepares all company financial reporting packages and analyzes product line profitability to mitigate risk and maximize the bottom line.

The E-Learning team is a startup within Investopedia, tasked with generating revenues by creating and selling premium investing/finance education courses to our user base. As “intrepreneurs” we have the benefits of both an entrepreneurial and established work environment. We’re able to move quickly, learn new things and make independent decisions while also leveraging the inherent core competencies of Investopedia’s existing business.

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