by Ilio Masprone – Publisher – Knight of the Principality of Monaco for cultural merit

MONACO. Vacation time is on the horizon following the confinement period made necessary by the global health crisis of Covid-19 and in Monte-Carlo things are fixing not only for the adult’s fun. First above all, vacation is the time par excellence for physical development through sports. First above all, vacation is the time par excellence for physical development through sports. Vacation allows children the time to play those games they particularly enjoy. But in case you have spotted weaknesses, you could suggest helping them combining fun and commitment. For example, in this beautiful corner of the Mediterranean, if a child is lacking in self-confidence or confidence in others, sailing may be a perfect activity for him/her.

Sailing requires teamwork to overcome one’s fear of the unknown, of the sea, to nurture composure before the unexpected, and the tenacity to attain a fixed goal. Of course, it is indispensable that your child be a good swimmer. Well, in Monaco the Princess Charlene Foundation is underlining the importance and reinforcing the awareness of water safety. In fact, too many children die from drowning every year because they do not know how to swim.

Ex Olympic swimmer Princess Charlene with a young pupil

Nevertheless just a few swimming lessons could save their lives and help them to feel more comfortable and confident in the water. The gradual end of the confinement in the Principality of Monaco has seen the reopening of the beautiful outdoor swimming pool of the Stade Nautique Rainier III overlooking the Port of Monaco since 15 June, from Monday to Friday from 7 to 20 and on Saturday and Sunday from 9 to 20. Other sports, like rock climbing, biking or hiking, give the opportunity to develop will-power, to master oneself, to overcome one’s fears. It is a real school of life! In Monaco, Princess Charlene Foundation support and transmit these sporting values that she shares with her husband, Prince Albert II of Monaco, to the next generation of young athletes. Children seem never tired, but time to rest is also essential for the development of the body, which means proper sleep. Parents must pay attention to the time of sleep because going to bed too late could bring to endless morning sleep-ins! Particularly with regard to teenagers, the grumpy mood of a teen can be the result of a lack of sleep. But if it is important to make the body blossom, it is equally important to nourish the spirit. Vacation time allows the parents to have meaningful, deep conversations with children, which they often postpone during the year given the pace of school and urgent daily demands. Vacation time is the right moment to promote the ability to reason and reflect, to listen to one another, to talk and communicate. Although this takes effort, it will help children’ heart to grow to love. As a family, giving oneself to another will be a source of joy and the secret for a successful vacation.

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