by Tiziana Pavone

MONACO. On June Wendy Lauwers, Art Director of the association ART section of the Women World Leaders Monaco, oversaw the organisation of the spring lunch at the Yacht Club de Monaco.   Under the high patronage of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco and HSH Princess Stéphanie of Monaco “Save the hearts of women” selected 21 Multi Art Gallery artists for the association and broke its donation record thanks to the artists present and to the generous collectors.

The sum of 40,000 € was collected during this lunch, also thanks to the Association president Chantal Ravera, to all FLMs for their help and to Charlotte Longepe for the magnificent catalogue.  Moreover, during the special Edition of the Art Riviera Tour from 5 to 11 July, the association has organized a grandiose exhibition. Also promoted by huge publicity by the city, around thirty artists were present in the gallery, in the wonderful setting that is the port of Saint Jean Cap Ferrat. Looking forward to offering two new exclusive dates in Monaco in a prestigious gallery in the center of the Principality, Multi Art Gallery among many others is proud to present four generous artists, whose works have been especially appreciated by the audience. They are Karina TOCHTAROVA, Benjamin BARBIER, GORFI and MOOVEN’S.

Karina TOCHTAROVA is a young artist from Prague, Czech republic, with artistic pseudonym KARINA (@karinaprague). She creates works based on gestural energy and the intuitive expression of female deep inner emotions. Her paintings are very vibrant, inspired by atmospheric colour and the beauty found between the real and the ethereal through light notes of abstract and surrealism.

Karina Tochtarova

They are reflecting contemporary life with all its aspects through examining the relationships of colours, geometric compositions and exploring how viewers interact with colours on the plain canvas.Paintings are mainly based on artist’s imagination although some viewers might see a full tale. Her motto is “Keep searching for everything beautiful, you will gradually become a part of it.”

Benjamin BARBIER more known as ‘BEN DANTE’ is born on January 8th, 1980 in France. Since 27 years old he lives in Monptellier. He uses to draw with “Paint” because the pixelated look  seems very interesting to him.  It’s a sort of tribute to his generation, this generation who saw the arrival of the video game consoles in the living rooms, and also computers and Internet.

His work is expressionist, and his favorite subjects are vanity, death, money, love, abandonment, suicide …   He draws emotion and tries to communicate the difficulty to exist,  the despair and the grief. He talks about his story because it is the one he knows best. His story is very hard and his work is an obvious reflection. But it’s not just about a personal story. Ben Dante reads a lot about Japan because he is very sensitive to their culture, beliefs, traditions, etc … The idea of Yin and Yang touches Ben particularly, and is seen into the importance of black and white in his work.  It talks about the struggle between good and evil that s’ operates in each person.

His work is very dark but not only, he was interested Sarah Kane’s works, especially her text that explains that even if her work is very dark, it is still possible to see the hope inside it. “ I think in the darkness it is possible with great effort, to give birth to the light and hope. That’s what i’m trying to say when color appear in my drawing.” he said.  The artist Ben Dante loves and who he likes to pay a tribute in his drawings are very numerous. Many are free representation, as Basquiat, Combas, Di Rosa, Haring, etc The other artists that he appreciates are, among others, Bacon, Dali, Picasso, Miro, Mondrian, Pasqua, and many others.


GORFI was born in 1964, in Neuilly-sur-Seine in France. Coming from a family of crafts, he was very young when he was initiated to drawing and modeling (clay, plaster, wax …). Subsequently, he naturally turned to watercolor to acquire technical basics. Then he evolved towards oil painting and with a knife before finding the vector of expression that suited him.


His favorite themes in painting are landscapes and everyday situations always animated by a felt emotion or the desire to tackle a societal subject. “If I had to give a name to my creative process, it would be “Lumino-picturalité.”, he said. The acrylic painting technique allows him this search for luminosity and cheerfulness to put it on the canvas, the material being only the vector.


Jérémy Le Mouël, whose artist name is MOOVEN’S, was born in Pontivy in Brittany in 1984. A baker by training, art has always been the driving force of his actions. A self-taught painter, he began to draw so as not to be bored in his village. This allowed him to escape from everyday life and express what he could not say. During his school days, he created a group of five street art artists, and he bombed on urban supports. At the death of one of them, following a motorcycle accident, the group dissolved. Jeremy continued to draw alone, keeping the name of Mooven’s artist, but using more conventional media, canvas boards and posca acrylic paint pens.

Since his arrival on the French Riviera, he has had a revelation and started performing works based on shadows, and he decided to exhibit to present his work to the public. Mooven’s work is to enter an image, idea or other … in his head and he looks for any useful features and shadows by reinventing shades on canvas with acrylic paint (Posca). Jeremy always starts from a white canvas in cotton, linen, etc… either if it is soft or on a frame. He draws and paints always flat. He creates features and shadows in his head that he saves and traces on the canvas by adding shades that do not exist to make a particularity to his works. “All my works are unique, and I paint freehand in inspiration with the play of shadows and light, my style is authentic,” he said.

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