by Ilio Masprone-Publisher-Knight of the Principality for Cultural Merits MONACO.Dear followers, my opinion is that, first above all, it is important to fix the incredible internationality of this tiny independent state, second in extension only to Vatican City. Therefore, I suggest clicking on the following link to have access to the Embassy Page for Monaco that is constantly updated.

From Albania to Vietnam we counted 77 Consulates and 10 other representations in Monaco, and 132 Monegasque Consulates that are established worldwide, from Buenos Aires (Argentina) to Hanoi (Vietnam). Out of those, specifically, there are 2 residents consuls in China, Ecuador, Netherlands and United Kingdom, 3 in Belgium, Canada, Morocco and Russia, 4 in France and Switzerland, 6 in Germany, 7 in Spain, 10in the United States and as many as 12 in Italy. Currently Monaco maintains 9 embassies abroad: in Rome, London, Paris, Bern, Berlin, Brussels, Madrid, Whashington D.C. and Vatican City . The Holy See and Monaco share a very uniquely historical ecclesio-cultural symbiosis that has become a rare gem in the highly secular socio-cultural geo-political era of 21st century Europe.


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