by Erika Cannoletta

MONACO. This is the second edition of the International Exhibition, dedicated to excellence in products and services for the happy pair and for the house. It is  a unique and sophisticated show for reception points, ceremonial fashion, wedding planners, florists, jewelers, entertainment organizers, decorations and furnishings for a dream home.
The presence of exhibitors and recognized brands increases the international exclusive event’s level, essential to perform in a prestigious place as the Principality. The Italian showgirl and actress Elisabetta Gregoraci is the show ‘s reference. Eleonora Pedron, Miss Italy 2002, will present the event’s moments. A Luxury Furniture & Design area is dedicated to luxury furniture; as usual, the catwalk is set in the Nijinsky room for the new collections of wonderful wedding gowns and attire. The shows are scheduled from 2:30 pm to 7 pm, Saturday and Sunday; other shows will take place in an open kitchen area, with demonstrations and tastings by the internationally renowned chef Diego Vianello, who specializes in Japanese cuisine; a beauty area, with demonstrations of makeup and hairdo will be animated by the professional team of the fashionist Daniela Mariotti; Franck Love (Marriage and Music International), and the dancers Danny Garbin and Manuela Bernardi will perform a Live Show of musical interludes. Saturday and Sunday from 10:30 am until 12 am, Mr. Mariani of the Anacleto Mariani factories, leader in luxury furnishings, will present the company’s projects and processing techniques. These conferences are designed for professionals, specifically invited to the salon, to the engaged couples and to the newlyweds looking for solutions for their luxury “love nest.” The International Exhibition Bride / Luxury Furniture & Design Show is patronized by the prestigious Monaco Fashion Chamber, which will present its main workshops and parade on Saturday and Sunday, offering the 2017 fashion trend. An important cooperation has been developed with the Monte Carlo travels  and with the firm Corradi jewelers, which will offer gifts to the sweethearts. This 2nd International Bride/Luxury Furniture & Design Show is an event for high-level audience, not just the young couples, but also for professionals looking for important contacts. Saturday at 11 am, the attendants at the inauguration will share a delicious wedding cake with a glass of champagne.

Hours: Saturday and Sunday 10: 00-19: 30
Admission: € 13 – reduced € 10 (the coupon for the reduction can be downloaded from the website and FBpage).
For more information: Luxury Events Monte Carlo + 39 3478133843 – + 39 (0) 4421941719 info@sayesevents.com www.sayesevents.com

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