by Ilio Masprone – Publisher – Knight of fthe Principality for Cultural Merit MONACO. In general, I think the world is a good place if you work hard, believe in yourself, have good intentions and the will to succeed; and if you are kind to people, I believe that good things happen to you. But, plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work. To succeed, it is important to cultivate our will. Self-determination and will are similar. To form a strong will is essential to practice the virtue of self-discipline through small acts. If done regularly, these small acts give a great inner strength. It is like a rope that is made up of several strands. Each of these strands is weak, but woven together they have great strength. Will and discipline are key attributes of those who have a strong character and lead a peaceful life. It is the will that drives us when obstacles seem insurmountable. If we cultivate the will, it becomes a valuable asset when the “storm” arrives. The will can lead to freedom, and allows us to act with courage. My transfer in Liguria from Turin is closely related to my publishing initiatives, together with the opportunity of be closely interested in the Sanremo Festival as director of the event’s official newspaper, FestivalNews. A leap in the dark, of course, but the desire to create something unique and unprecedented was very strong inside. I started with a newspaper centred on the province of Imperia, which soon spread to the nearby French Riviera and then to Monte Carlo. There, I had the  courage, or the “bravery”, to create and publish the magazine IL FOGLIO ITALIANO for the Italians working and living abroad. Everything else came gradually. I had to plan and organize every detail accurately day by day, and  in 2012 I started the distribution of the monthly paper MonteCarloTimes -Les Nouvelles. In the meantime,  the most luxurious IL FOGLIO ITALIANO in Italian and English was hosting several personalities, like the tenor Andrea Bocelli, special guest at the Gala Evening of my project Sinfonia Italiana.


Next to the launch of these papers,  I faced another challenge, launching the unprecedented website , with contents and news from around the world, and especially to and from the Principality of Monaco-Monte-Carlo, in English language. It was hard and is it still demanding: a daily strong commitment, in these times of crisis especially. Anyway, I go on gritting, because I have the deep conviction that one has to exercise self-determination to live the life one imagine, rather than accepting the life that one has. The will leads all the powers of the mind; the will is the key to self-determination. The will allows you to focus on the positive in life and refuse to be overwhelmed by the negative. When we control our thoughts, we control our mind, when we control our mind, we control our lives, and when we have complete control of our lives, we are masters of our destiny and we can really tell us how smart we are! You have to start imagining how you would like to be, with conviction and inner certainty saying that you are on your way toward this ideal, and then move forward. Small victories lead to big win and to the joy of creation. This way, you can reach the most challenging goals. Take my word for it.

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