by Paolo Sari MONACO-MONTECARLO. From the 13th to the 16th of October 2016, The Bio Chef Global Spirit Association – Route du Goût 2016,  unveiled Moses.Bio®, the first biodynamic vegetable garden floating on water, employing just three natural powers: water, sun and wind. The Bio Chef Paolo Sari has created the Moses.Bio® with the support of Lia Riva from Monaco Boat Service, Pronatura and CMR France. More than 120 varieties had been planted on a 100 m2 plot. The irrigation system was ensured by desalinated seawater, the desalinator operating by photovoltaic panels using solar energy.

Moses.Bio® was epecially designed for nearby agricultural areas, and to mitigate and integrate massive overconstruction thanks to organic farming gardens at Km 0. The Association Bio Chef Global Spirit whises to offer to the inhabitants of the Principality a zero-impact agricultural solution to be employed everyday at home.


HSH Prince Albert II visited and appreciated the Moses.Bio® before it was dismantled after the Route du Goût event and inserted into the ORTO® circuit to give it a second life. It was replanted in Riva Ligure, Italy, becoming the second vegetable garden affiliated to the ORTO® project, after the historic garden of Monaco – Roquebrune Cap Martin.

From right to left: H.S.H. Prince Albert II, his niece Camille Gottlieb and the bio chef Paolo Sari

Since many years, the BioChef Paolo Sari  personally works and finances both the organic farming situated in the French and the Italian Rivieras.To supply his kitchens, he managed to set up 15 vegetable gardens at a distance of up to 100 km from his five SBM’s restaurants in Monaco.


Today, the Bio Chef Global Spirit Association is launching the ORTO® project. An innovative concept serving agricultural producers and consumers with a positive impact on product quality and the local economy. The products will be grown on nearby land with the possibility of harvesting them in their right moment of maturity, so preserving their taste and organoleptic qualities. Because of the proximity, the gardens can be visited permanently, in order to highlight the direct relationship between the producer and the consumer, eliminating intermediaries. The Association guarantees to the producer the complete sale of its production, through its network of collaboration with the restaurants, stores and Chefs.

The Association aims to create jobs and invest in the local economy instead of foreign economies. Transport and coal impact will be limited because in each production area there will be a producer who will accumulate the productions and deliver them to the Principality. The Association will help technically and financially those who choose ecological solutions and environmental protection for the development of organic gardens. The farmer must certify to be organic throughout all his cooperation’s time. The producer must engage himself to allocate a financial portion of the sale of its production to the Association’s charitable projects.


Association Bio Chef Global Spirit, BP 452 – 98011 MONACO CEDEX – MONACO Association Monégasque Loi N° 1.335 – N° de NIS 9499Z17696

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