by Silvana Rivella&E.Pedron MONACO. A friend from Florida, USA, sent to me an awesome reportage by Richard Sidey, “Speechless”. Sidey lives in Wanaka, New Zealand and earned a Bachelor of Visual Communication Design with Honors in Wellington. He has spent over a decade photographing the Polar Regions and various remote areas of natural interest working on Expedition Vessels. For his project he has endeavored to document scenes of outstanding natural beauty and interest through the eyes of a film-maker. Among the speechless’ scenes, Montecarlotimes has detected for its readers some incredible, historical Monacobreen moments.

Certainly there is not a glacier in the wonderful Principality of Monaco-Montecarlo, but a giant of ice carries the name of Monacobreen, aka Glacier de Monaco in Spitzbergen. It is located in the northwest of the Svalbard archipelago, in the Liefdefjord. It was named in honor of one of the founders of oceanographic science, HSH Prince Albert Honore Charles of Monaco (1848-1922). After oceanographic campaigns in the Atlantic Ocean, he decided to extend his research to the polar regions and Svalbard in particular. Albert I of Monaco went there for the first time in July 1898 where he carried out numerous dredging and exploring the interior parts of the archipelago. More than one century ago, in 1899, the prince, falling in love with the polar landscapes, decides to do a new research session in Spitsbergen for hydrographic works. He will bring back from these two expeditions a large quantity of collections which are exhibited at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco,  which he himself founded.


The unmissable Oceanographic Museum of Monaco-Montecarlo

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