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Istituto Marangoni  is a private school of fashion and design. Its offices are located in Milan and Florence in Italy, London and Paris, Shanghai and Shenzhen in China, Mumbai in India and Miami in the United States.

The school was founded in 1935 in Milan by Giulio Marangoni, a well-known tailor of the time, and in 1942 it became a professional artistic school attended by pattern makers and seamstresses. Later in the 70s and 80s it established itself as a Fashion Design School with courses dedicated to Product Development and Marketing. Istituto Marangoni has never stopped believing in the value of training, constantly updating its programs to ensure they are in line with Italian and international market needs. In the past few years, Istituto Marangoni has opened four new schools: London in 2003, Paris in 2006, Shanghai in 2013, and Milano Design in 2014. Istituto Marangoni now opened the new School of Fashion, Art & Design in Florence on September 2016 and recently in Shenzhen (2016), Mumbai (2017) and Miami (2018), the international capitals of fashion, design and luxury. The teaching spaces of Istituto Marangoni have tested the talents of four generations of professionals, hailing from 106 different countries and representing the heritage of our school. Today Istituto Marangoni continues to successfully ‘teach fashion’, as its founder wished. It also teaches design, which has many contact points and overlaps with the world of fashion: color, materials and creativity.

With a wide range of course possibilities, preparatory, three-year undergraduate and master’s courses, Istituto Marangoni has always maintained the goal of training the professionals of tomorrow in key sectors, such as design, communication and managerial coordination.

The mission to empower talent in fashion, art and design

To excel as a centre of professional and creative learning in the Fashion, Art and Design fields; to nourish international industries, providing talented Istituto Marangoni graduates from all over the world.

We strive to achieve this mission by:

  • offering an extensive and detailed educational portfolio that is constantly updated to match industry demands and evolution;
  • achieving the highest academic standards with modern and dynamic curricula focused on results;
  • integrating the spirit of ‘Italianess’ into the experience of students on a daily basis through both curricula and the School experience;
  • celebrating the global and multicultural reach of Italian culture through Fashion, Art and Design;
  • supporting and developing the potential of our teaching and administrative staff, by means of constant and punctual training;
  • placing Istituto Marangoni at the centre of the Fashion, Art and Design cultures, thanks to our excellent selection of locations in leading world cultural capitals;
  • further strengthening historical and recent connections with the most important companies and personalities in the luxury Fashion, Art and Design market.

Since 1935, this has been the mission of Istituto Marangoni, beginning with fashion and extending to design, always with the aim of providing those who choose Istituto Marangoni for their training with the best means to express themselves creatively. Today Marangoni Institute is an established and recognized aesthetic laboratory of European-style culture with a specifically Italian imprint. Working with the most interesting names in fashion and design, teachers are able to pass on their expertise to train the excellence of tomorrow’s industry professionals, enabling them to contextualize classroom learning in the realities of the marketplace. The path includes constant contact with the best companies in fashion and design, who look to the Istituto for new individuals to work in their companies. In addition to a variety of both long and short courses in fashion and design in the established schools, the new school in Florence will include an intense program of studies dedicated to art, encompassing History of Art, Art Management and Multimedia Art. Students at Istituto Marangoni are given the best tools to stimulate their own growth and are equipped to confidently face the working world. Courses consist of constant contact through the faculty with the most important companies in the sector.  In the schools in Milan, Florence, Paris, London and Shanghai, students from all over the world meet and interact through a continuous exchange of ideas, projects, stimuli and vision. There is one common denomination to this experience, which is the evolution of an aesthetic value that contributes to clarifying the future choices of profession for our students.

Since June 2016, the Ministry of Education, University and Research has included the Istituto Marangoni among the institutes authorized to confer academic qualifications to its students through the AFAM (Higher Education in Art, Music and Dance). In the UK, the BA and MA programs are validated by Manchester Metropolitan University,  which also validates the masters degrees of the Paris office. The three-year Fashion Stylist course of the Paris School is validated by the Commission Nationale de la Certification Professionnelle.

The brand manager’s role within the fashion luxury goods industry is to motivate, create desire, and build trust through various channels in merchandisingmarketing and communication in order to meet the expectations of a luxury brand’s vision and strategy. This 15-month course (including placement) provides in-depth knowledge of branding, luxury management, marketing, finance and technology specifically for the fashion and luxury goods industries through industry-linked projects and competitions. Experts in luxury brand management know exactly where their products are positioned, fully understand their role in the market, and constantly analyse their relationships with customers, both locally and globally. However, the task of the brand manager is not only to attract and retain consumers, but also to improve the practical and organizational management of a brand within the fashion organization – this course addresses both areas; luxury branding together with business management and organization skills. 

POSSIBLE CAREER PATHS: Communication manager, Brand strategist, Brand manager, Operations manager, Retail director/manager, Strategic planner. 

Participants learn how to adapt communication, marketing and promotional techniques to reach sale goals and fully apply the key strategies of luxury businesses. As well as concentrating on the intangible elements: customer relationships, the impact of social media and the consumer ‘experience’, the course makes a critical analysis of the more tangible elements of branding; product attributes (quality, features, and design), and the difference between brand image and brand identity, packaging and labelling. A successful luxury brand manager works on all of these aspects. The fashion industry placement within the program, giving students the opportunity to put theory into reflective and purposeful practice within the field. Participants become experts in making key branding decisions including in brand extension and brand repositioning, and learn how to detect any weaker products in a collection. Analysis of the target audience and marketing mix provides a solid grounding for brand strategy development together with research on how companies in the fashion and luxury market develop their own interpretation of brand positioning and devise innovative strategies. The impact of social media has changed the face of communication and this course looks at finding the right balance between corporate brand image, new media and viral platforms – key to the success of luxury brands today. Along with the study of past styles and the analysis of current trends and forecasts related to “future-fashion”, participants are able to question how aesthetic expressions and interpretations of social and cultural trends influence positioning and brand image. Current issues in the fashion industry are also addressed such as hi- technology, neo craftsmanship and alternative business models, together with professional links direct with fashion companies; industry projects and guest speakers all assist to provide a detailed insight into the realities, and the opportunities, of fashion. This course  for participants that have previous undergraduate level study or proven work experience, completing the course with branding and management skills for various positions within the fashion, luxury and creative industries. Students who successfully complete the programs taught in Milano and Firenze will be awarded with an Istituto Marangoni diploma. Participants who successfully complete the programs taught in English in Paris and London will be awarded with a Master’s Degree by Manchester Metropolitan University-UK; Master’s Degrees include a 12-week work placement. Participants obtain 180 credits upon successful completion of the MA course. All candidates should meet specific entry requirements (please check for international equivalents); for further details please do not hesitate to contact the information office at the chosen school.

Italian/English translation by Montecarlotimes Deputy Director Mrs.S.Rivella

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