By Ilio Masprone – Publisher – Knight of the Principality of Monaco for cultural merit

MONACO. Albert II of Monaco healed: first thing he did at the end of his quarantine on Tuesday 31 March evening during an address broadcast at 8 p.m. on Monaco Info, the Sovereign  announced the strengthening of containment measures in the Principality, in force since midnight. It is a first since its advent in 2005. Tuesday March 31 evening, looking serious and solemn, Prince Albert II addressed the Monegasques, residents and employees of the Principality in a televised speech of a little more than five minutes. Recorded in the afternoon in the Hall of Mirrors of the Prince’s Palace the intervention by the sovereign marks an unprecedented moment in the history of the Principality.

As said, after two weeks of quarantine, Prince Albert II of Monaco came out of the tunnel of his coronavirus infection, announced on March 19  after a positive test. The good news fell on Tuesday March 31 at the end of the day. “Doctors who have been monitoring H.S.H. Prince Albert II since the start of his Covid-19 infection now allow him to end his quarantine period. The sovereign prince is declared cured and in good health.” enthuses a press release from the Prince’s Palace. Furthermore, yesterday March 31, the Sovereign was also able to concede an interview to InfoMonaco. The 14th Edition focused on “Monaco Face au Covid-19” was proposed and presented by Yann-Antony Noghès in collaboration with the teams of Monaco Info.

Hereby the full youtube link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGqzuL-p080&feature=youtu.be

After the impressive images of the magnificent Condamine open-air market before and after, a singing performance by a resident from a terrace overlooking the harbour with the Beatles’ “Let it be” was aired, followed by some general info: children happily behaving at home, the latest communications from the Monaco’s Government and a dialogue with Colonel Toni Varo, Senior Commander of the Monaco’s two full-time militarised armed corps.  One is the Corps des Sapeurs-Pompiers de Monaco, and the other is the Compagnie des Carabiniers du Prince. Both units are part of both military and civil defence plans, and are key to the “ORMOS Red Plan” which makes provision for the evacuation of Monaco in case of natural disaster, or civil emergency. Moreover, Colonel Varo proudly  presented a system unique in the world that is able to completely isolate Monaco’s ambulances. Finally, Noghès, two meters in front of the Prince, started the interview in the Princely Palace Court. After giving assurances about his state of health, the Sovereign replied to the questions saying that he couldn’t wait to seeing his family again (what happened today-1st April!) and that he was proud of the behavior of the Monaco’s Government and his citizens. H.S.H. also emphatised the importance of the challenging, harsh official communication he made on Thursday evening March 26 to the High Assembly of Monaco, assembled to vote on a resolution to confront the Coronavirus crisis. As it happens that debates at the High Assembly often reveal dissonances between the elected advisers and the government, as allowed by the Constitution Albert II had chosen to have a message read – a video conference at the start of the session, a quite rare fact. The message sent from the Prince’s Palace is clear: this is not the time for controversy. The text of the sovereign recalls, in a grave tone, the exceptional circumstances crossed by the country. “None of the current generations has experienced such an urgent health situation. Rarely in history has our collective destiny been so dependent on our individual behavior.  It is a difficult time for everyone. A moment of concern for ourselves, for our loved ones, for our professional activities, for our way of life. It is the moment, for the Principality, to show its capacity to continue to meet everyone’s needs. The state will stand by everyone, as it always has been. Like all the great crises we have faced in the past, the current crisis calls for only one response, a response of solidarity and responsibility. Under my authority, my government has taken exceptional measures, which I have approved. They have been neither easy nor without consequences for everyone’s daily life. In times of crisis, even more than in ordinary times, it is up to the government to administer the Principality on a daily basis. This crisis will have far-reaching economic and financial consequences. There will be time for political debate later. Our common goal is to preserve the health of our people and support our economic and social system. This is why I ask you to support the action of my government. Responsibility for the action rests with the government, reserved for the Minister of State assisted by the Council of Ministers, under my authority. It is up to this sense of responsibility and in this spirit of solidarity and cohesion that I hope that the national advisers will express themselves this evening. I count on you and your sense of national interest.”

For our part, we thank H.S.H. the prince for his continuous, assiduous commitment and we send our best regards and best wishes to him and his beautiful family.


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