by Ilio Masprone – Publisher – Knight of the principality of Monaco for cultural merit

SAN REMO. The extraordinary singing FlashMob that filled windows, balconies and terraces in a whirlwind of music, songs and illuminated torches on Friday13 and Saturday 14 March, started in one of the most beautiful cities in the world: Naples. The Flash has released all Neapolitan fantasy, offering an amazing lesson of spontaneous creativity that has enchanted the whole world. An event that in a few minutes has given back to Italy a credibility that seemed to drown in the pond of some arrogant skepticism, bitter cynicism, and the insulting laughter of some European countries. The brilliant reaction from Naples to the Coronavirus was a magic that was transmitted and commented on television breaking news and social networks worldwide, becoming immediately viral. The singing FlashMob then developed from Turin to Sicily, but it is to the great heart of Naples that this demonstration of civil resilience is due. The refrain “Ah, the Neapolitans, all Camorra and Mafia” unfortunately exists … we often read the wrongdoings of these criminals and it is not a consolation to say that the world is full of criminals, from the Chinese mafia to the Colombian drug cartels, much to name two.


Back to the point, you must know that the singing Naples, from the Rione Sanità to Posillipo, from the Spanish Quarters to the Vomero, the Naples that has donated hundreds of unforgettable songs to the world, from “O’Sole mio” to “Reginella”, from “Luna Rossa” to “Maruzzella”, from “Resta cu’mme” by Modugno to the wonderful “Napule è” by Pino Daniele, she has also conquered me! I was born in Turin, capital of the Northern Region of Piedmont, a thousand kilometres far from Naples…well, thanks to an authentic passion for that special town, for two years now in September I  have dedicated  to her something special as well putting on stage the Festival-Competition entitled SanremoCantaNapoli in the Sanremo Casino Theater to recall and celebrate an ancient Neapolitan song Festival, and to reward and promote a  musical creativity unique in the world. Approval and logistics aside, SanremoCantaNapoli obviously does not have a definitive date, and this is due to the Coronavirus emergency that canceled events of all kinds, sports, music, fairs, etc., all over the world. However, my collaborators and I have already decided that part of the program would be dedicated to the memory of the Neapolitan singing FlashMob, a gesture that reminded the world that Italy is alive, increasingly compact and strong and willing to win the battle of the Coronovirus also with a smile. Dear readers, stay at home but open the windows to sing “Abbracceme” ( “Hug me”) and   switch on the flames to give Italy the light it deserves.

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