by Giulia Chiuso

MONACO. Mr. Ilio Masprone is senior director of Montecarlotimes-Les Nouvelles, senior editor of www.Montecarlotimes.eu and Knight of the Principality of Monaco for cultural merit. Given his respectable age, he knowns that he won’t be among the first to get out of the current emergency lockdown. In the meantime, he is going on questioning, thinking, proposing. Due to his long lasting career and especially thanks to his Artistic Director experience since the 70s today Mr. Masprone is looking forward to ​​launching a big charity concert for life entitled OVERTAKING THE COVID-19. When the world will finally be able to announce the coronavirus defeat, he would like that Italy, the first western country to be undermined by the disease earlier this year, should carry out this global event. A few weeks ago 20,000 Chinese, with an App and QRcode to report their state of health, joyfully crowded at the entrance gates of their famous Yellow Mountains, an Unesco site.

On April 5 20,000 Chinese joyfully crowded at the entrance gates of the famous Yellow Mountains

Well, today Mr. Masprone is looking forward to seeing such a gathering in one of the symbolic places of Italian culture. The location could be chosen from North to South of the boot by a sort of global “referendum” online. It could be the Duomo Square in Milan, the city hardest hit by the coronavirus as well as Rome, in one of its many historical sites, the Coliseum in primis. In the south, Pompeii is also a prestigious candidate, and the Greek Theater of Taormina as well. Even so Mr. Masprone wish to create an event involving a media and social network as broad as possible. The active participation of cultural institution and international sponsors would obtain concrete funds to be used for scientific research, such as already happens with Telethon. The mega show will evoke what happened, the sacrifice of the whole health sector, the suffering and hope, the deadly extension and the virulence of the contagion that did not spare even the greatest leaders of the world. As a demonstration of how democratic the invasion of the invisible enemy is, we remember that the first head of state hit by the coronavirus and subjected to quarantine was Prince Albert II of Monaco, followed by the heir to the throne of England Prince Charles. In England likewise, Prime Minister Boris Johnson was healed thanks to an excellent health team in which the Calabrian doctor Luigi Camporota, an expert in intensive care and lung ventilation, was appointed. After Chinese President Xi Jinping, the Albanian Ilir Meta and the Russian Vladimir Putin have taken the front line against the coronavirus straightaway. As concrete and timely help has arrived in Italy from China, Albania, Russia, hope is that those countries will not miss to join the charity consortium and help to realize the mega show for the global resumed life. Mr. Masprone trusts that China, already informed of the initiative through diplomatic channels, accept to be mainly involved in a television production to be launched all over the world together with RAI, Italian Radio Television. Hope is that show and business personalities such as the philanthropist and Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Bono of the former U2w ho has dedicated an important message to Italy, Leonardo Di Caprio who is a great ecological activist, would support the event alike, not to mention the world of sports, etcetera. In Italy, the Minister of Tourism and Cultural Heritage, HE Dario Franceschini has already been informed of the initiative, which is regularly covered by copyright. Mr. Masprone proudly remember the appreciation that the Minister himself reserved to his realization of the Magic Nights, which took place in the Gardens of the Royal Palace of Caserta in 2016. A double event that illuminated unforgettable evenings, when the first “Italian Symphony”, composed of a Symphony Orchestra of 70 professors, a choir of 40 singers and 12 prestigious soloists followed the extraordinary concert of Mr. Andrea Bocelli.

Andrea Bocelli with Conductor Carlo Bernini at the Royal Palace of Caserta in 2016, in front of 5400 people

The great tenor has been a personal friend of Mr. Masprone for many years. The Italian world renowned artist is the promoter of the ABF – Andrea Bocelli Foundation whose motto, “Empowering people and communities”, is aimed at medical research and the fight against poverty. We remember that on Easter evening Mr. Bocelli’s voice moved the whole world singing in the churchyard of the Milan Cathedral, with a record audience of 30 million likes. More modestly but with equal commitment we announce that this communicate has been forwarded to a great number of important Italian and foreign people and institutions. This communicate is just the first step towards the realization of the impressive project.


25 November 2005 HSH Prince Albert II presenting Ilio Masprone with the knight medal honour

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