by Ilaria Salerno

MONACO. Thanks to the gradual lifting of the lockdown in the country, today our life is almost” normal; however, much has changed, and the rules imposed by the prince’s government to avoid a resumption of the coronavirus epidemic require caution. To successfully overcome the restrictions and stay in perfect shape, the SBM (Société des Bains de Mer Monte-Carlo) have devised various services valid for both body and mind, an entire program based on wellness and relaxation. In fact, the Thermes Marines  Monte-Carlo have put into practice a more current saying than ever: “Mens sana in corpore sana – A healthy mind in a healthy body”. A first option is to make a personalized program with private coaching, combining the benefits of pilates, yoga and other disciplines such as swimming. Qualified professionals put their experience at the service of wellness whatever their goal: fitness, weight loss, sports training, learning to swim … enough to rediscover their psychic and physical potential and focus on its priorities. Another idea for those who wish to let go are mind management sessions. This form of guided meditation is based on yoga-inspired breathing exercises, all accompanied by valuable support to ease and release all the tensions accumulated during these months of confinement difficult to bear. Finally, the synergistic treatment of Bach flowers comes to offer an emotional realignment through different hydrotherapy treatments of your choice and targeted such as massage, exfoliation, wraps or therapeutic baths. The benefits of these services increase considerably when guided breathing is associated with the virtues of Bach flowers – carefully selected on an individual basis. A unique and tailor-made moment that allows you to obtain deep relaxation and release from stress.

Among the “pearls” of Monaco that we discerned, “Le Tigre Yoga Club & Spa”, founding brand of Le Tigre Monte-Carlo in the Monte-Carlo Beach, a wellness paradise between the pine forest and the Mediterranean, deserves a special place. First, for morning wellness start listening to the simple suggestion of the founder of the Tiger Yoga Club, Élodie Garamond: the best beauty ritual is to cool off. So, ladies and gentlemen, take the time to refresh yourself with ice water every morning, because it is an excellent habit to firm up the skin on your face and feel immediately better. Élodie Garamond is the third in a family of 8 children. After working in a multinational company, in 2013 she decided to establish the Tigre Yoga Club where it is possible to practice yoga, pilates, floor bars, Qi Gong and meditation, in addition to the Mini Tigre, a center that meets the expectations of woman / mother / worker . Since then, several locations have been opened, including “Le Tigre Monte-Carlo”, ideal for reconnecting with yourself and the elements, because it offers a unique offer that combines care and yoga in the open air. Harmony with yourself, with others and with nature is at the center of the art of living proposed by “Le Tigre Monte-Carlo”: a harmony that takes on its full meaning in a place connected to the elements, where the intensity of the sun, the authenticity of its land, its fragrant pine forest, the spectacular beauty of its blue waters and the mildness of its climate invite to a total reconnection. “Le Tigre Monte-Carlo” offers outdoor yoga and unique treatments in an 80 m2 spa. But Tigre is above all a state of mind and a spirit of being, it is a tribe that brings together men and women who share an art of healthy, peaceful, joyful, beautiful life. Tigre is an aggregator of talents from all ways of life and of all kinds, attentive, patient, and generous operators. Tiger is a path on which everyone can advance at their own pace towards a connection of the body, mind, and breath, to discover or rediscover their true being. “Le Tigre Monte-Carlo” is a haven of peace, an invitation to let yourself go in a feeling of well-being of body and mind.

Unfortunately, in accordance with government directives for the protection of public health, Monte-Carlo Beach Spa is temporarily closed until further notice, but we are sure that the interior also will be visited soon, in a welcoming universe that mixes warm colors, ethnic and raw material motifs for an immediate “feeling at home”. Each element of heather brings its history and its energy, so you can relax and happily dozing to the rhythm of a light background music … Ongoing our wellness path, a further suggestion is to take advantage of a beautiful invigorating walk, and to do this we will start with the new layout of one of the icons of Monte Carlo, the Place du Casino! The square was designed mainly to make it pedestrian, so recuperating its basic shape of 100 years ago, allowing pedestrians to stay in his heart, and no longer just to the sides of traffic. Today, especially thanks to the current low traffic, walking here is a pleasure! Therefore, we will be able to take the time to admire the paving stone of Comblanchien, a city located in the Côte-d’Or department in the Burgundy-Franche-Comté region, the 20 majestic palm trees and the central pond, where we will find the sculpture of Anish Kapoor.

From the center of the square, you can directly reach the terrace of the Café de Paris or the casino, without crossing in traffic. All of this is unbelievably beautiful indeed! In addition, the development project was entrusted to the landscape architect Michel Desvigne, who has just completed the restoring of the Jardins des Boulingrins, and who is also working on the developments of Portier Cove, as well as the Larvotto complex. The urban space One Monte-Carlo is designed to be a breath of fresh air in the heart of Monaco. Streets, facades, roofs, and terraces … Nature is everywhere.

The exotic garden path with rare succulent plants in a summer day, sunlight in Monte Carlo

Also, it is here that Princess Grace wanted a tree to be planted: urban planners and architects accepted the challenge of integrating it into the landscape of the One Monte-Carlo, and today that tree continues to bloom every spring in this new environment, a symbol of tradition and continuity. Moreover, around this tree, the outdoor spaces skillfully mix Mediterranean and exotic vegetation, as if to remember the existence of the famous Exotic Garden of Monte-Carlo, inaugurated in 1933.

This marvel of botany brings together a great variety of plants which, thanks to their different origins, bloom at any time of the year.  Finally, an almost entirely pedestrian zone is the historic center of Monaco, remarkably similar to the small towns in southern France. We recommend going for a leisurely stroll, because the neighborhood is very well cared for, full of history and fascinating views.

As for going out to restaurants, unfortunately the unprecedented health crisis that we are going through will disrupt the catering trades for a long time. Tomorrow, for their reopening, restaurants, bars, cafes, and other places welcoming the public will have to modify their working method, starting with the problem of paper menus, important vectors for the transmission of the virus. New protocols will be invented. So, how can a restaurant owner integrate the new drastic hygiene constraints linked to the pandemic without too much costing? There are agencies specializing in digital communication, and we interviewed one, the Capucine Agency, which has been supporting restaurant owners and the catering businesses in their digital transformation for years. It seems to us that Capucine Agency has created a clever, easy and effective solution with SAFE MENUS which responds concretely and quickly to curb the spread of the Covid-19 virus, secures customer fears, controls restaurant expenses with a reliable and inexpensive tool. expensive, even free in its freemium formula. The standard formula is free, it is enough for the restaurant owner to request it by filling in an “on line” form.

To this we have added PREMIUM solutions such as translating maps and menus, customizing the graphics of the QR Code and visuals …The supply of supports to materialize the QR Code (Easel to be placed on tables, stikers to stick, printing of presentation cards). Custom-made graphic creation in the colors of establishments … Here’s how it works: SAFE MENUS generates a unique QR code referring to a dedicated web page presenting the map of each establishment. On the tables, the traditional menus are replaced by an explanatory card presented on easels in plexis, which only the waiters handle. Customers scan the code with their smartphone. They are directed to an Internet page which presents the menus and wine lists in digital version. They consult the menus and make their choice!


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