by Giulia Chiuso

RIVIERA AND CÔTE D’AZUR. That the world of communication passed from the web was a foregone conclusion, but never as much as during the crisis created by the Coronavirus did we realize how much information on the net can catalyze our daily life, influencing it for better or for worse with a flood of good and bad news. Technology is not always ethically disciplined as a paper is, because newspapers have more regulations obliging them to rectify an eventual disclaimer.

Thanks to the gigantic amount of media people are bombarded with too much information, and although it is right that to meet a clue it is necessary to know the facts, sometimes it is really difficult to distinguish reality from fiction, see fake news. To be aware of the latest news, also in the Italian Riviera people open their tablets and smartphones even before relying on their preferred  newspaper bought on news-stands. That is why our publishing group exists. We got to please all tastes relying on 12 media between papers and websites, including Radio Sanremo  directed by Mr.Mauro Bicocchi,  a broadcast which is popular in 118 countries also with its website . Our publishing group covers a huge territory far-reaching the Italian Riviera and the Côte d’Azur especially connecting with the Principality of Monaco, and recently it is also operating in London.

The newspapers offered by the group are or at least they have been edited and directed by the Turin journalist Mr. Ilio Masprone with the contribution of young valid teams and of several highly experienced journalists. It does not want to appear  a self-celebration, but the reality of the facts provided by the likes adding up to 180,000 units in the most recent official data! Thousands of people are reading, listening, sharing, and commenting daily on the radio, via Whtasapp, on the Facebook pages, Instagram and through six websites. Taking a step back of thirty years, the first paper founded by M. Masprone has been “Festivalnews”, which was edited daily during the Sanremo Song Festival week.

Then later and for many years published monthly, it has been taken over in 2019 by Mr. Luca Giovannetti, and enriched by the website The foundation of the luxury magazine Il Foglio Italiano dates back to 25 years ago, created for the Italians in the world and recently sold to the colleague journalist Mrs. Arianna Caracciolo who edits it in London, supported by the website Another magazine published for 15 years is the printed “MonteCarloTimes-Les Nouvelles”, in French and Italian, with its website in English language.

Then, the paper newspaper “Il Ponente” in Italian covers the territory from Ventimiglia to Finale Ligure, with the website Finally the luxury magazine “Orizzonte Italia” in English language is distributed in Europe, Russia and Asia; published by Mr.Dario Sala under the direction of Mr. Ilio Masprone, its website in English is Each paper focuses on various topics, from economics and B2B to cultural heritage, from food and wine to sport, from the Jet-set luxury world to well-being.

The group is also putting the readers up to date on many important artistic and beneficial institutions, see the initiative to support the Italian tourism crashed by the coronavirus crisis on the opening page initiative of, and many other happening along the Italian boot.

See of course the “Events Factory” of the GFM, the admirable Mrs. Bruna Maule Charitiy’s initiatives of “Les Anges Gardiens de Monaco” , as well as the cultural events of “Monaco Printemps des Arts” and the made-in Italy “Quality of Life” Forums in Monte-Carlo and their unique video-conferences organized by Mr.Romeo Ferrero,

or see “The bio Festival Monaco” and the Route du Goût” founded by the Guide Michelin Star, the bio- chef Paolo Sari, among others.

Obviously, each paper is present on the most important social networks, always updated with news and mainly focusing on a useful criticism and commentary. Over the years the publishing group overcome with strength and constancy many obstacles and disappointments, and his success was also rewarded with the honorific medal  delivered in 2005 to the chief-editor Mr. Ilio Masprone, Knight of the Principality of Monaco for cultural merit.

25 November 2005 HSH Prince Albert II presenting Ilio Masprone with the knight medal of honour

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