by Virginia De Masi

MONACO. The Grimaldi Forum Monaco is preparing to welcome back all of its teams, customers and public under the best possible conditions. The resumption of activity on the site has been effective since 4 May, starting date of the gradual de-confinement of the Principality of Monaco. Teams have been mobilised to guarantee the organisation of upcoming events in strict compliance with the current health requirements. The Grimaldi Forum Monaco’s event calendar is busy starting from September. The online ticket-office is now open. The Grimaldi Forum Monaco (GFM) is preparing to resume activity by focusing on the arrangements necessary for the optimal reception of its teams and customers, in compliance with the governmental preventative health measures in force. Even if remote work remains the rule until June 18, employees whose presence on site is necessary have resumed an activity since May 4 at the GFM.

Henry Fissore, Chairman of the of the Board of Directors, with Sylvie Biancheri, General Director of the Grimaldi Forum, Congress Centre and Cultural Centre of Monaco

“It is with optimism that we approach this resumption of activity. The Grimaldi Forum Monaco, widely recognized for its ability to adapt to all the projects of event organizers for 20 years, has always placed safety in the foreground and all precautions have been taken to set up reception conditions optimal. We have a dense calendar from the start of the new school year in September, and we are particularly pleased to welcome the 31st edition of SPORTEL from October 25 to 28.”, specifies Sylvie Biancheri, General Director of the Grimaldi Forum. For its part, MONACO MEDIAX is also working on a health protocol to be implemented upon arrival at the Grimaldi Forum with the layout of the various reception areas to guarantee a minimum distance between participants and regular cleaning of conference spaces. These measures will naturally be confirmed and adapted according to the state of health emergency declared at the time of the event.  “We are all mobilized with a view to successfully organizing SPORTEL Monaco and the SPORTEL Awards. The health of our participants is paramount and remains our major concern. We make every effort to ensure that health standards are respected and thus welcome our participants with complete peace of mind,” explains Laurent Puons, Deputy Vice-President of MONACO MEDIAX.

To ensure optimal reception of participants and the public next fall, the organizing teams of SPORTEL and the Grimaldi Forum are already working hand in hand, making sure to take all the necessary measures, in accordance with preventive measures government health in force. Added to the measures of the Monegasque Government which proceeds in particular to a massive screening of its resident and salaried population, these provisions confirm that SPORTEL events can be organized safely in Monaco.

In fact, regarding the GFM staff, the following strong measures have been taken: Temperature measurement on arrival. Setting up of disinfectant mat. The wearing of a mask is compulsory in all shared parts of the building and during meetings. The distribution of washable masks, hydroalcoholic gel and boxes of wipes for the disinfection of surfaces. Visors for field workers and technicians and for the security command post in the event of intervention. Self-service distributors of hydroalcoholic gel and disinfectant wipes at all strategic points of the building. Fitting of plexiglass separators between “open space” offices and monitoring of social distancing, ensuring 4m2 of space between employees. Plan for cleaning and disinfection of premises and reinforcement of equipment with virucide EN 14476 norm, at contact points (ramps, handles, counters, elevator buttons, shared public facilities, sanitary facilities, etc.). Clean all ducts and change air conditioning filters before site re opening. Canteen closed until 1 August with provision during this period of suitable spaces and equipment for employees to take a lunch break.

As for to welcoming the public, and pending the establishment of correct conditions for the reopening of public event centres, a technical guide is already available detailing the arrangements taken by the GFM. In summary: Temperature measurement on arrival. Placement of disinfectant mats at the main entrances. The wearing of a mask is compulsory. Security guards and hostesses are equipped with visors in addition to a mask. Self-service dispensers for hydroalcoholic gel and disinfectant wipes at all strategic points in the building. Fitting of protective plexiglass screens to fixed and mobile reception desks. Training of security guards in the COVID19 protocol.

Covid19 adviser assigned to customers. Provision of a dedicated space for isolating suspected cases. Social distancing signs and reminder of gestures barriers at all strategic points of the building. Deep cleaning and disinfection with EN 14476 norm especially common areas reinforcement, shared equipment and sanitary facilities including at contact points(ramps, handles, counters, escalator buttons, shared public facilities, sanitary facilities, etc.). Systematic cleaning and disinfection of all spaces, furniture and all equipment used by the organisers including at contact points (ramps, handles, counters, escalator buttons, shared public facilities, sanitary facilities, etc.). Daily cleaning and disinfection of the uniforms of security guards and hostesses.

These measures are in addition to those of the Prince’s Government, which is carrying out a massive screening of its resident and salaried population, and they will make it possible to welcome the customers and public of the Grimaldi Forum under the best possible conditions.

A technician preparing for the return firstly of teams and then of the public on demand

In addition, its geographical location on the shores of the Mediterranean, which gives the site a warm climate, and the architecture of the building (with large openings to the outside, its large spaces are easily ventilated) are assets when it comes to the prevention of risks linked to Covid19. Another notable point is that the public spaces are air-conditioned with fresh air being taken in from the outside and then filtered, and with the return air intake going from the ceiling to a central treatment unit. Regarding the events planned since the start of the confinement, everything has been done to offer solutions for postponement to clients organising them: room changes, drastic reduction in assembly and disassembly times between each event, etc. This work by the GFM teams has made it possible to avoid cancellations by customers as much as possible by supporting them: out of a total of 25 events scheduled between March and July 2020, 20 have been postponed.

The events calendar is busy from the start of the new school year in September. For events open to the public, reservations can be made online  In the event of cancellation of an event, reservations are refunded directly via the internet platform for tickets purchased online. For tickets purchased by phone, the Grimaldi Forum will contact customers directly by phone (ticket office info:

Widely recognised for twenty years for its ability to adapt to all the projects of event organisers, the Monaco congress and cultural centre has always had security as its top priority. It is doing everything it can to put in place optimal reception conditions and is looking forward to the return of its activities and its public as soon as possible!

Contact: Dany Rubrecht, Director of Communication – 99 99 25 02 –

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