By Alessandra Luti

MILAN. It is difficult to make predictions in the fashion market after the pandemic that has upset a business model based increasingly on e-commerce rather than on purchases in stores, on virtual showrooms rather than on fashion shows, on marketing campaigns focused on social media networks – such as Instagram’s IG stories – rather than in television advertising campaigns. Instead, the traditional beauty standards have certainly been upset. Last month the media’s talk was totally focused about Armina, the model Gucci chose in 2019 to present his spring / summer 2020 collection in Milan.

Armina starred for Gucci in 2019

Few remember that in September 2019 Armina was a full-blown victim of “body shaming”, as her face did not correspond to the usual beauty standards. The face of the girl who has a hooked nose and thick eyebrows certainly revolutionizes the almost “serial” aesthetic canons of the more recent past.

From the revolution of ’68 onwards, fashion shows have seen important changes in the models’ style occupying the stage. Increasingly sought after, paid for, and photographed by great photographs until they become real “sex symbols”. Although many models were called “supermodels” during this time, only the so-called “Big Six” were officially recognized and accepted by the fashion world as supermodels: Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss, Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, and Christy Turlington. They were the most sought after, and collectively dominated magazine covers, fashion runways, editorial pages, and broadcast advertising. In 1990, Linda Evangelista uttered what has become the most famous quote in the history of supermodels: “We don’t wake up for less than $ 10,000 a day”. In the US, the Victoria’s Secret Angels also were very popular, among which Laetitia Casta standing out.  Armina’s debut undoubtedly denotes an excellent marketing strategy, because the social network sector is now invaded by photos of models, influencers and beautiful girls who compete to get the most likes, and earn the most possible from the advertising market, posting photos more and more accurately in look and background.  And it is precisely for this reason that fashion brands are studying new communication campaigns via social media with models that make the difference compared to the millions of posts browsed daily on smartphones, laptops, and PC screens. But Armina is not the only model who anticipated the distortion of the traditional beauty’s canons. In July 2019 Dolce & Gabbana extended for the first time the range of their models’ size up to number 54.  

A real revolution that has given way to “curvy” models, opposite of the angular and androgynous model mostly seen in the catwalks’ world. The question is if the 4.0 fashion world wants to highlight female diversity or if it is just looking forward to reaching customers and final prospects using new marketing strategies.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter, the result is that the old canons of beauty are different because first above all it is the models’ character that counts for. Individuality, temperament, and traits of the photo shoot are making the “after lockdown” difference. Personally, I believe that this new marketing model that has conquered the fashion world and beyond is a winner, thanks above all to social networks.

Luti had this shot in Milan at famous Cavalieri “The Square”

Today any woman can be the testimonial even for a day of a local, national, or international brand simply with a snapshot or a selfie posted online, i.e. when I posed in Milan on the Rooftop of the famous panoramic “The Square”!

As for me it was genuinely nice to pose for some shots between my work breaks for the brands I often collaborate with. 

Luti wearing Affidato’s precious earrings

For example, this summer during the lockdown I was happy to be a model for a day wearing one of the wonderful jewellery’s sets of the Calabrian goldsmith Michele Affidato brand. I posted the photos on my profile Ig elle.alessandra  and I had the possibility to describe these precious jewels in my latest article published on MonteCarloTimes. To conclude, dear readers, indulge yourself with photos and posts in the wonderful world of social networks. Remember that doing it with personal style and elegance you could be chosen by a well-known fashion brand as testimonial, even if for just one click.

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