By Virginia De Masi with Silvana Rivella

MONACO. During the lockdowns, from the heaviest to the lighter ones, how much did we crave to breathe freely, to have a lunch with more than four or five people, to grill shrimps at the beach on a full moon evening, and so on? Whatever, sooner or later this nightmare will end because humanity is resilient, and we adapt. Despite the profound crisis, the director of the group to which Montecarlotimes belongs, the knight of the Principality of Monaco Mr. Ilio Masprone, continues in his work which is precisely cultural, promoting responsible initiatives in his newspapers. His Editor’s picks are exemplary. Topics like art and music, wellness, and environment, as well as gastronomic excellences, in particular Monegasque but also Italian have a large place in Montecarlotimes’ editions. Last August, an interesting article based on the promotion by Monte Carlo, in agreement with the Prince Albert II Foundation, was posted about the responsible consumption of fish, through the participation in the Mr. Goodfish program by the SBM’s restaurants. Launched in 2010, the Mr. Goodfish program was born from a simple observation: too many species of fish today are overfished and threatened with extinction, while many are unknown, abundant, and most importantly delicious. About this, today we are introducing Mr. Maurizio Fazzino, manager of the Pescheria Mare Nostrum located in Via Roma 16 in Ventimiglia, together with Alessio Varapodio and Mario Guida. 

Aware of the importance of maintaining an ecologically respectful attitude towards the planet, they know how the preservation of marine species evolves through responsible fishing. Well, for more than eighty years, and exactly since 1938, Pescheria Mare Nostrum has had its own fleet of fishing boats. This allows this shop, weather permitting, to serve responsibly chosen fresh local fish every day, both retail and wholesale. At this pandemic time when travelling is difficult, if not impossible, Pescheria Mare Nostrum offers a free service to all its customers on the Italian Riviera, the French Riviera and Monte-Carlo with deliveries at home every Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Of course, the strictest health measures have been made in place to welcome the costumers at the premises in the beautiful town of Ventimiglia, which is overlooking the Mediterranean and frequented by an elite tourism. In addition, orders can be made also from abroad on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 6.30 to 13 and from 16 to 19 by dialling the Italian prefix 0039 0184 231231 or 0039 3891730080. Visiting the Pescheria, we can report that Maurizio and the staff know perfectly how to welcome and advise the customer with great courtesy and sympathy, offering and choosing the best and fresh fish. Today we also have the great pleasure of present to our followers the ABSTORE Agency of Adam Brignani / Master Media Riviera.  They are inviting you to cook a wonderful and tasty Mixed Fried  of shiny fishes, darting in the box just placed by the fishing boat on the Ventimiglia vibe harbour’s quay. Master Media Riviera has been creating and directly managing the Facebook and Instagram social networks of the Pescheria Mare Nostrum commercial activity for some time, contributing to its growth in a remarkable way. This agency, which is in the nearby, elegant seaside resort of Bordighera, also deals with irreproachable ethics in the publication of the posts of the Fish Market and beyond, also in the social network of many other groups of the Riviera and the Côte d’Azur. WELL, NOW HERE WE GO WITH THE SECRETS OF THE MIXED FRIED FISH PLATE.  In fact, the mixed fry can include fish such as red mullet, squid, anchovies, shrimps, cod, sole and baby octopus. How to get a golden, crunchy, and light breading at the same time? There are different options: some use flour, but our advice is to bread your fish with durum wheat semolina. To obtain a crunchy breading pass the fish in the semolina a few seconds before frying them so that the semolina will not have time to moist. For anchovies, you can also prepare a batter with semolina, salt, pepper, an egg, and a spoonful of beer.  Oil and temperature. For a full-bodied and at the same time dry frying it is advisable to use sunflower oil so that the frying will remain crunchy, and the delicate flavour of this oil will leave the flavour of the fish intact. To check that the oil temperature is right, try frying a piece of potato. As soon as it starts to fry the oil will have reached the right temperature, which must not exceed 180 degrees. The fish must not remain in the oil more than 2/3 minutes. How to serve the fry.

As soon as it is removed from the oil, place the fish on a sheet of absorbent paper or on a sheet of brown paper commonly used for bread. Add a pinch of salt, cut a lemon into four wedges, and enjoy the nice hot frying with a glass of fresh white wine!

You can follow the work done by ABSTORE by Adam Brignani / Master Media Riviera of Bordighera on their website tel 0039 0184 844613, and the  PESCHERIA MARE NOSTRUM  in Ventimiglia on Facebook and on Gruppo di Côte d’Azur & Riviera dei Fiori For more informations write to or call mobile 0039 3891730080

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