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MONACO. Following the appeal made by  the colleague journalist Donatella Gimigliano – Communication Manager Salvamamme – Press office of the Constantinian Order Charity – to our director Mr. Ilio Masprone, knight of the Principality of Monaco for cultural merit, we publish and forward the following message:

A psychological support hub for mothers was launched from “Salvamamme” and the Constantinian Order. “Salvamamme” aka “Savemums” wants to be a concrete help for the psychophysical recovery of mothers and women in difficulty” said HRH Princess Camilla Bourbon of the Two Sicilies on the Mother’s Day 2021. “The COVID-19 emergency has not yet been overcome and fear, forced social isolation and lifestyle changes have triggered stress reactions in families; therefore it happens that sometimes parents’ anxieties are not able to protect their little ones” With this motivation, HRH Princess Camilla di Borbone, godmother of the “Salvamamme – Savemums” Association launched the birth of  “a Psychological support hub for mothers” aimed at creating a community for women who “never stop loving”. With the pandemic, many women found themselves overnight without work or having to choose, for the umpteenth time, between career and childcare. Some of them had to provide to their family with little help from husbands or partners. For those who became mothers there was even a 15% increase in postpartum depression cases their concern was doubled due to the perceived responsibility towards their new-born. Aware of the need for support and always ready to listening in difficult moments, the Association initiative together with the  Constantinian Order led by Prince Charles of Bourbon of the Two Sicilies is energetically supported by the Campania delegation led by Marquise Federica de Gregorio Cattaneo di Sant’Elia.  For more than twenty years the Marquise has been dealing with frail mothers, women and families. Recently, she has promoted a webinar project of a training course and psychological assistance dedicated to mothers in difficulty. It is curated by Katia Pacelli, psychologist, and Director General of the Salvamamme Association, together with a team of doctors, educators, psychologists and beauty experts, who will focus on the issues of parenting at the time of Covid, also addressing notions of first aid, and “self-care”. In fact, taking care of oneselves leads mothers to develop greater self-esteem, and consequently greater openness towards their children. Therefore, a Community will be created for mothers and women giving space also on the topic of self-care. With the intervention of Dr. Elena Aceto di Capriglia, pharmacist and Medspa President, broadest open talk will take place so that mothers will have the opportunity to ask for advice. The well-known brand Miamo Cosmetics will also be partner of the initiative. Miamo has designed a platform to put people interested in creating the community in contact with the organizers. It will collect subscriptions, promote the participation in the webinar and donate to the association chaired by Grazia Passeri 150 kits to be included in the Rescue Suitcases intended for women victims of violence. Moreover, for each product sold until 31 May 2021 on the website € 1 will be devolved in support of the Constantinian Order and Salvamme-Savemums.

More information: Intervention link Princess Camilla of Bourbon of the Two Sicilies: – Donatella Gimigliano, Communication Manager Salvamamme – Press office of the Constantinian Order Charity – Journalist – Public Relations & Communication – Mobile: +39 3287310171 – Email:


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