by Erika Cannoletta

MONACO.The Principality, symbol of wellness and envirnment, renewable energy and organic food! The latest instalment of the Route du Goût , the First Organic Festival Monaco, will take place on 12 to 16 October 2016. Founded by Paolo Sari, chef at the Monte-Carlo Beach and founding member of the association Bio Chef Global Spirit, the Organic Festival aims at raising widespread awareness about preserving the environment and the natural wealth of our region. An organic market on Quai Antoine 1er, a tennis competition for youngsters at the Monte-Carlo Country Club, an invention competition and a culinary regatta along the legendary Riva are just some of the events that will delight young and old alike for 5 day.
For the first time in the world, in 2015 the “Route du Goût” met both actors and spectators, at various stages of the event, giving a dynamic global and local at the same time, to ensure the success of this biological initiative. “The Route du Goût 2015 was, first of all, a gastronomic and tourist trip”, proudly Polo Sari says. “Rediscovering the taste of wonderful places, fascinating characters, the savoir-faire around the gastronomy of the territory as well as history and culture, too often forgotten over time. A seven-day trip through the pearls of the French Riviera to sensitize viewers to environmental protection and help you discover the fascinating flavors of yesterday and today through the “Riviera”. From San Remo to Saint Tropez, this trip took place on a sailing sloop of 42 feet. At each stop we were honored by the presence of Chefs of different cuisine. Each of them has opened the doors of their rooms, making us rediscover their commitment to organic food, environmental protection and renewable energy. This voyage has always brought us back home, to the port of Monaco, and so it was natural that the “Route du Goût” in 2016 chose to dock in the Principality of Monaco to assure the proper welcome.”

A world first in the patronage of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, and with the enthusiastic participation to the project of the Monaco Government, the Ministry of  Education, the Mayor of Monaco, The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, the Tourist Office, the Hotel School of Monaco, the Country Club and the Société des Bains de Mer. The Organic Festival will not close the Route du Gout 2016! In fact you can find all along  the 2016 the Route du Gout sailboat of the Bio Chef Paolo Sari at the port of Monaco. They can accommodate you, make you dreaming and organize your tailored organic approach each week. Although this initiative arose from ecological awareness, its main objective is humanitarian. The funds raised during the evening and culinary events are intended for a charity project supported by Bio Chef Global Spirit. In partnership with the OSO Foundation, the association is working to fund and build an organic Hotel school in Madagascar. In addition, through the Moses.Bio® and Orto® projects (organic vegetable garden) the association will provide the technical and financial support to develop ecological practices and organic agriculture in the region. For the first time, young people of this region will enjoy a higher education program in the hotel business management, especially with the enrollment of boys to the two-year rate at the Hotel High School Monaco. And here is the program in detail, from Wednesday 12 October to Sunday morning 16 October 2016. Thanks to the “Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation” and the “Felix School Foundation”, Wednesday, October 12: Opening of Route du Gout 2016, Monte Carlo Beach, Monaco. Evening time in the Eileen Gray Room and the Deck Restaurant Terrace: at 7:15 pm, Welcoming and presentation of the Route du Goût 2016. At 7:45 pm, Press Conference,  presentation of
sponsors and participants. At 8:30 pm Cocktail Reception 100% organic only by invitation. Thursday, October 13, the first culinary events of the “Route du goût 2016” will take place on the Quai Antoine 1er, with stalls of producers of organic food, while another organic market will be set up at the Chemin des Vallières in Roquebrune. From 10 to 12 am, classes of the Lycée Hôtelier of Monaco, relatives and professors will visit the Chef Paolo Sari’s BIO garden and harvest vegetables to prepare the Bio stand Chef /Lycée Hôtelier. The sale of these products is part of the charity project. The Sport and the Youth program, in participation with the Minister of the National Education and the Monaco Country Club, will see boys and girls between 13 and 18 years competing in various tournaments from 2 to 6 pm, while from 3 to 5 pm everybody can participate in a contest of inventions about recycling and renewable energies on the Quai Antoine 1er. The evaluation of projects by technicians will designate a winner. For the “Gala de la Route du Goût” on 13 October the Chef Paolo Sari is inviting Jean-André Charial, two-starred Michelin Chef of l’Oustau de Baumanière restaurant, to take part in a session of organic haute cuisine for this dinner prepared by four hands. Students from the Lycée Hôtelier de Monaco will provide culinary support and service. The menu costs 150 euros per person and the money raised during the evening will be donated to the charity projects “Bio Chef Global Spirit”. The program includes a welcome cocktail at 7:30 pm, followed at 8 by the sports tournaments’ awards, and at 8:15 pm for the best creation of the year with recycled materials. Finally, the Gala Dinner will begin at 8:45 pm. On 14 October,  from 3 to 5 pm  a competition for creating objects from recycled materials, dedicated to inventors of all ages, will be followed by the evaluation and the designation of a winner. The organic market will close at 6pm and will be animated, starting at 10, by the event “Les Etoiles à la Bio Aréna”: 10 starry Chefs Relais & Châteaux together in the kitchens of the restaurant Le Deck the Monte Carlo Beach for a truly unique event, which will consist of a high kitchen demonstration of 45 minutes for each of them, and each with a different biological ingredient. In the evening, 10 children from 8 to 12 years of age will support 10 Chefs from the Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer in preparing the Gala dinner. From 7:30 pm the Chef/Child duos will present their creations on stalls at the Flavours Market, the “Marché des Saveurs”. The cost of the menu is € 120 per person, and, as always, the money raised during the evening will be used for charitable projects of the association “Bio Chef Global Spirit”. The evening includes at 7:30 pm a welcome cocktail and tasting of dishes from the jury, followed at 8 by the tennis tournaments awards. At 8:15 pm the prize for creating recycled materials of the year, and at 8:30 the presentation of the award of the most delicious dish combination Chef / children. The Gala Dinner will start at 8:45 pm. On Saturday 15 October, the project “Artisan de la Mer”, with the participation of Riva Marina Monaco Boat Service, will take place on the Quai Antoine 1er, where from 10 am to 6 pm the Organic Market will continue to present on its stands the best organic products. At 11 am, the presentation of Moses.Bio®, the biological and ecological future of agriculture will take place. The market will be removed on Sunday 16 from 10 to 12 am and agricultural products will be given away to the citizens of the Principality. In the afternoon, from 2 to 5, during a spectacular event, the Riva Show will meet ship owners and captains; at 5:30 pm, tasting of the culinary competition “Sea Artisans” on board by the jury, food critics and Monaco personality. Each plate must be based on  the Cote d’Azur tradition, from a basket of products collected during the organic market of the “Route du Goût”. Meeting with the chefs, who will present the cuisine bio of the territory; an exhibition of Riva boats, and a meeting with the ship owners and captains who will present the boats, in the presence of Paolo Sari and the Riva philosophy’s testimonial, Mrs. Lia Riva. The gala evening in honor of the “sea craftsmen” will take place at the Quai Antoine-Riva, at the Art & Food Gallery. There will be Carlo Riva, creator of works of art that sculpt the sea, there will be the artists who give life to nature, and there will be the chefs, poets of food. It will be the first exhibition of art without limits, which will discover to all lovers of the sea that you can be an artist thanks to a sculpture, to a painting and to a dish as well.Entrance costs € 80 per person and even on this occasion the money raised will be donated to the  Charity Association “Bio Chef Global Spirit”. The program includes a welcome cocktail at 7 pm, followed at 8 by the opening of “The Gallery”; at 9:30pm, the culinary contest Awards and at 10pm the closing of the evening will take place. Note that during this same day, the chefs in various restaurants in Monaco and Cote d’Azur will offer the same “Artisan de la Mer” menu. Montecarlo will continue to report different biological, ecological initiatives, culinary and sports, so as to ensure the full success of the “Route du Goût” and its “First Bio Festival”

Gala dinner reservations: +377 98 06 36 36
“Gala de la Route du Goût”, Thursday 13 October, Monte-Carlo Country Club, from 19.30, Set Menu €150/head.
“Marché des saveurs”, Friday 14 October, Le Deck – Monte-Carlo Beach, From 19.30, Set Menu €120/head.
If you want to partner a chef from the region to participate in the culinary regatta, register your children in the tennis tournaments, or see the full programme, visit

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