by A.Luti & E.Pedron MONACO/MILAN First, let us honor an ethical vegetarian, the M.D. Knight Grand Cross OMRI, (28 November 1925 – 8 November 2016), professor Umberto Veronesi, whose death we deplore, and whose virtues we commemorate. He was an Italian oncologist and politician as Minister of Health, internationally known for his contributions on prevention and treatment of breast cancer throughout a career spanning over fifty years. Ten years ago, on September 2006, Veronesi was awarder the prestigious Premio Foglio d’oro edited by Il Foglio Italiano, in Monte-Carlo Salle Empire of the Hotel de Paris. For the record, we report that perhaps not many health conscious and vegetarian people know that Veronesi has strongly genetically modified organism as way to produce food with higher nutritional capabilities and deprived of potentially carcinoregic substance. He criticized the current opposition to GMOs as being due to lack of science knowledge.

As for Monaco, the Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio was awarded the “Grande Médaille Albert Ier Section Médiation 2015” by HSH Prince Albert II himself, in the presence of Robert Calcagno, Director General of the Oceanographic Institute and Victor Hwang, President of the Association of Friends of the Oceanographic Museum. Leonardo DiCaprio is a fervent defender of the natural environment and has recently been appointed “Messenger of Peace” for the UN.

His is a commitment to sustainable development and more specifically against global warming, what precisely has earned this honor. In addition, the DiCaprio actor is heavily involved in committees of environmental organizations, including The World Wildlife Fund, the Natural Resources Defense Council, the National Geographic’s Pristine Seas, The founders’ collaborative Oceans 5, and The International Fund for Animal Welfare . His international reputation and its commitment make him a true ambassador regarding the protection of the oceans. Thanks to numerous partnerships, its Foundation supports innovative projects to prevent the extinction of a fragile and turbulent nature, protecting the threatened ecosystems. Created in 2014, the Grande Medaille Albert it, Section Mediation aims to raise awareness and highlight the commitment of public figures, men and women who with great generosity and philanthropic spirit give of their time and money to protect the environment. Now, not only is DiCaprio an A-list Hollywood actor and a heart-throb, but he is also a fervent vegetarian as Kate Winslet, his partner in the mythical “Titanic” action movie, and an all round good guy, just like Jack Dawson!

There is a good chance that you will spy Leo chatting in a cafe to famous friends such as Jack Nicholson, Kate Winslet and Bono. The actor-turned-philanthropist recently hosted the third annual gala of his charity foundation, The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation at the Domaine Bertaud Belieu vineyard in St. Tropez. In Magic Saint Tropez, one celebrity name that is synonymous with is of course Brigitte Bardot, who in the sixties transformed the sleepy Provencal fishing village, popular with artists painting the mystic Mediterranean light, to the intensely glamorous Saint Tropez we know today. Retiring to her home in Saint Tropez in the early 1970’s the vegetarian and supporter of the animals rights Bardot is actually rarely seen around town.

Saint Tropez – A very young Brigitte Bardot in the sixties


Saint Tropez 2016 – An always beautiful Brigitte Bardot with her adorable big dogs

Back to this major charity event of The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, it raises considerable funds to protect Earth’s last wild place, implement solutions that restore balance to threatened ecosystems and ensure the long-term health and wellbeing of all its inhabitants. He invited in St. Tropez some of the most glamorous women on the planet. Also, he brought a friend, the Irishman Bono from U2, and a famous vegetarian too, who helicoptered easily himself from his property situated in Eze-Bord de Mer.

Vip vegetarians Bono (left) and Leonardo Di caprio in Saint Tropez-Provence-France

Bono stays at Villa les Roses often in the winter and summer with his family and friends.  The magnificent mansion is located directly on the beach of Eze, a village just few minutes from Montecarlo, and decorated in Art Deco style. Penélope Cruz, a vegetarian as well, Leonardo di Caprio and Queen Rania of Jordan are Bono’s frequent guests.

The father of four children, Bono enjoys yachting, secluded bio-restaurants and top clubs, such as Le Zebra Square and Le Sass in Monaco.


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