by Marisol Bertero

MONACO. For the 5th time, on Saturday 6th April, the 2019 Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation Luxury Lifestyle Gala will welcome the over 400 VIP and selected attendees with Galerie Cristal Champagne aperitif, and a four-course gourmet dinner Meilleur Ouvrier de France paired with premium International wines. Amongst an eclectic group of Ambassadors and distinguished international business leaders, guests will enjoy a full program with the famed after-party including  Victoria Napolitano Fashion Show, Mademoiselle French Collection, Live Entertainment and DJ with Charity Auction and a Contemporary Art Exhibition. The Grand Gala revenue will be donated to the Prince Albert II Foundation of Monaco, Chances for Children and TAF – The animal Fund, with the theme given by the Club Vivanova founder Bradley Mitton: “We only achieve great things in life by giving back and our gala is being organized to appreciate the best things in life offering attendees the chance to donate to worthy, local and life-changing charities.” Club Vivanova supports TAF The Animal Fund and it intends to raise €25,000 for the charity at the forthcoming 2019 Club Vivanova Luxury Lifestyle Gala on Saturday 6th April 2019 at the Salle d’Or Fairmont Monte Carlo.

TAF – The Animal Fund was established in 2015 with its primary focus on the protection of dolphins and whales and is a non-profit organization run on volunteer labour.

TAF is a registered Association under Monaco law since March 2015, published in the official Journal on 10th March 2015.

TAF’s mission is to protect, save and actively help the dolphins and the whales who are victims of maltreatment, slaughter, pollution and overfishing and to educate and inform the world via publicity, campaigns, conferences and online media of the danger and consequences of cruelty and extinction.

You can also help by subscribing to membership at or donate at

Dress Code: black tie formal – 175€ per person Exclusive Club Member Benefit All Club Vivanova members in attendance will receive a free voucher for a gourmet dinner for two including wines at La Vague de St Paul on the French Riviera – Join Club Vivanova and take advantage of our luxurious member benefits. Membership is €120 for one year and includes a complimentary pack of three premium wine pack by courier. Membership runs for one year from the date of joining and is automatically renewed unless written notice is received. New members are promoted throughout the club’s social media platforms and receive a complimentary three bottle premium wine pack by courier. Further member benefits include VIP invitations to special member-only events, complimentary hotel room nights, luxury magazine subscriptions and specialized gourmet services.

Club Vivanova Founder Bradley Mitton and Fairmont Monte Carlo Executive Head Chef Didier Anies (Meilleur Ouvrier de France) have paired the most sensational four-course menu together with five premium international wines for the Club Vivanova Luxury Lifestyle Gala Dinner on Saturday 6th April 2019.

Club Vivanova Founder Bradley Mitton and Fairmont Monte Carlo Executive Head Chef Didier Anies (Meilleur Ouvrier de France)



Hosting and serving this gourmet meal to over 400 guests is an incredible challenge that will bring out the best in the Fairmont kitchen team and to make this gourmet gala meal even more sensational, premium wines have been paired from all over the world to marry with the flavours delivered in these dishes: Paul Charpentier Premier Cru Champagne to kick-off the gala, 2016 Two Brothers Sauvignon Blanc – New Zealand, 2012 Hundred Tree Hill Chardonnay – Australia 2017 Rewen Estate Malbec – Argentina and 2015 Hundred Tree Hill Shiraz  –  Australia




A delicate Mediterranean lobster dish with Australian Chardonnay


Pungent Gorgonzola tagliatelle with a pepper-spice Shiraz from Victoria in Australia
Braised veal perfumed with wild mushrooms and Argentinean Malbec











Yuzu Marshmallow Mojito Macaron Passion Fruit and Chocolate
Strawberry Sacred Café Espuma

Fairmont Monte Carlo Executive Head Chef Didier Anies: a story of passion and dedication to supreme cuisine.

In 1984, just graduated from the Hotel school in Toulouse, it is in Germany that starts the first experience in a beautiful renowned venue. After a passage to Austria, he return to France, Carcassonne and to the most beautiful addresses of the French Riviera: Le Palais Maeterlinck, Nice 1989-1993, The Royal Mandelieu, 1994-1998, Le Cabral (1 star), Cagnes sur Mer, 1998-2004, The Dome Hotel Mirabeau, Monaco, 2004-2007, stay during which it allows to obtain a star; Le Grand Hotel (1 star), Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, 2007-2017. It also allows the Grand Hotel to get an extra star. He was awarded the best French worker in 2000. After years of work in large houses, large brigades, work of extreme rigour, of demand and of mastery, Didier Anies’ motto is: “Desire to form, transmit, share”. He can become the best French worker chef in your kitchen for privileged diners. He also leads a High Performance Centre able to awaken your creativity, improve your knowledge, develop your skills, tailor to your needs, create events, elaborate menus, dress plates, manage of the buffets, and produce original recipes, like this Didier Anies’ famous Onion butter lasagna:

Preparation time: 45 min, Rest time: 30 min , Cooking time: 15 min
Ingredients for 4 people: 1 caviar from Aquitaine, 1 leek, 500 g of wheat flour, 5 eggs, 9 CL of water , 10 g salt, 20 g cuttlefish ink, 20 g parsley, 3 new onions, 5 cl of vodka, 1/2 lemon yellow, 25 g butter, 5 cl extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper to season.
Recipe preparation – Prepare the lasagna: In a terrine, make a well with the flour, break the eggs and add the warm salted water. Gather the flour and knead the dough without working too hard until you get a soft dough. Roll it in a ball and let it rest for thirty minutes. Then divide it into 3 parts and incorporate in one of the pasta the squid ink and in the other the parsley. Leave the last nature. Lower the dough mill (pasta machine) with the 3 dough pieces. Cut strips of dough 2 cm wide and insert simultaneously in order to obtain a striped paste. Detail long 18 cm apart. Prepare the onion butter:
Make the white onions infuse in the vodka. Bring to a boil and reduce. Dash lightly with a drop of lemon. Go to the Chinese and make the juice. Then put on this sweet butter sauce. In the heart of the leek, cut strips and boil in  for 30 seconds. Season with a little olive oil without refreshing. Cook the obtained lasagna in salted water for 4 minutes “al dente”. Dressing: drop the  lasagna stripes at the bottom of each plate already sauced. Garnish with leeks, add a quenelle of Aquitaine caviar. Sprinkle with the butter sauce added with caviar and water with a dash of olive oil. See the image below:


Didier Anies’ Lasagna: Onion butter Wodka sauce and caviar quenelle


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