By Ilio Masprone – Publisher – Knight of the Principality of Monaco for cultural merit

MONACO. We have got plenty of time to practice some pandemic era habits, and it should be good if some of them would also going to give our lives more meaning for the years to come. The pandemic should not be just about washing hands until they are raw or living like a hermit. It should be good if getting back to basics would give us the ability to implement some positive habits into our everyday life. Before the first lockdown were we aware of how much of the day we were spending parked at a desk in front of the computer? Once out of this global crisis, the pandemic obligation to the mask will upgrade us to a “fresh air avid” status and go outside for a post-work run or walk every day? The answer is a big Yes!  First above all, we will see improvements to our blood pressure, appetite, mood, and sleep thanks to this increased exercise. About the lack of personal relationship, another good habit has been for most of the pandemic to set aside for a Skipe, Zoom or WhatsApp call with old friends and family members who live away, sending photos and videos etcetera. Well, once this terrible time will be gone, it could be fantastic to continue spending most meetings engrossed in conversation on alternatively mundane and deep topics, catching up with folks we otherwise have lost touch with.

These good habits will be a therapeutic self-care necessity that simply never would have happened without the pandemic. For here one phrase from the famous Stoic Philosopher Seneca: “Nothing always lasts, few things for a long time; only their way of being fragile, their way of ending varies, but everything that has had a beginning will also have an end.”

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