by Eleonora Pedron

MONACO. Princess Charlene is one of the most elegant royals in the world. She rarely puts a foot wrong in the fashion stakes, and her hats are always royal millinery at their best. Princess Charlene looks always as stylish as ever as she kicks of the annual National Day of Monaco celebrations. The National Day of Monaco, also known as the Sovereign Prince’s Day, is celebrated every year on November 19. The annual holiday takes place on the same day as Prince Albert of Monaco ascended to the throne. 


November 19th 2010: Charlene was newly engaged to Prince Albert and wowed everyone with this dramatic brown asymmetrical hat. It is the first official hat appearance at the Monaco National Day celebrations.

November 19th 2011: Attending the traditional mass in the Cathedral of Monaco for the first time in her life as a princess during the official celebration of Monaco National Day, fourth months after her marriage with Prince Albert II, Charlene of Monaco does not wear a hat on her Grace-like golden chignon like all the royal ladies usually claim. Except for occasionally nonconformist princess Stephanie, who seems allergic to headgear…


November 19th 2012: Being a Princess means always being on in public, aware of your surroundings and avoiding false steps at every turn. Picking charities which are both approved by the Prince as well as she is feeling strongly about, attending galas upon galas, soirées upon soirées, and making speeches at public appearances. The 35-year-old Charlene looks elegant in her sober ensemble as she follows Prince Albert, who is wearing the official royal family dress, while attending a mass at a cathedral to mark the day. To complete her look, Princess Charlene wears a navy wool picture hat with wide brim during the mass. Princess Stephanie didn’t wear a hat… again. It seems her allergy to head wear is a chronic condition…


November 19th 2013: As Charlene soon starts supporting Albert on duties in Monaco and around the world, she was less than good waving from the Monaco Palace’s balcony during the Monaco National Day. During the mass at the  Cathédrale Notre-Dame-Immaculée also known as Saint Nicholas Cathedral she is wearing a a gorgeous navy coat dress with a black brimmed hat.



 November 19th 2014: Princess Charlene is ready for children now that she’s ‘settled’ into noble role. In May 2014, it was announced Princess Charlene was pregnant and speculation quickly grew that her and Albert would welcome twins. In October the Royal Palace confirmed the joyful news. T.S.H. Prince Albert and Charlene look happy in this beautiful, intimate shot.

November 19th 2015: For the Thanksgiving Mass at Cathedral Notre-Dame, the parade in the royal palace courtyard and the greeting from the palace balcony, Princess Charlene chooses a new hat for these celebrations, a sleek cloche in claret wool trimmed with a grey birdcage net veil that encases the piece. The classic 1920s shape and style of the hat is made current and modern by the veil and a side slit in the cuffed brim. This is not an easy hat to wear but it works so well with Charlene’s face shape, new pixie haircut, flapper-esque dropped waist dress and demure jewellery.

November 19th 2016: Princess Charlene is an ambassador for the country. The Royal Engagement calendar isn’t fun and games. She is required as a working member of the Royal family to attend events, make appearances, support charities and undertake tours on behalf of your country. Pictured with Prince Albert II and their adorable children Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella on National Day, in Monaco Princess Charlene is once again showing her class and style wearing all black but with a statement hat with red flowers.


November 19th 2017: Prince Albert and Princess Charlene celebrated Monaco’s national holiday attending mass at the Cathedral of Monaco, reviewing troops in the courtyard of the royal palace and appearing on the palace balcony. Charlene, 39, and Albert, 59, posed with twins Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, both two, on the palace balcony in Monaco. The mother-of-two looked glamorous in a velvet blue coat dress teamed with a dramatic hat and black pumps, accessorising with a pair of pearl earrings.

November 19th 2018 : Monaco’s royal family stepped out in style on Monday morning to celebrate Monaco’s National Day which is also known as the Sovereign Prince’s Day. Prince Albert and Princess Charlene of Monaco  appeared on the balcony with their twin children Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques. While Albert was dressed in full military regalia, Charlene opted for a patterned coat and a black symmetrical hat for her latest look – and accessorised with a pair of Dior pearl earrings. The kids looked cute in their best party wear; Gabriella in a red dress, and Jacques in a navy velvet suit.

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