by Maria Sole Ferrero

MONACO. “I entered the gym but I never go”, “Gym is a bore”, ” Is it really necessary to attend a gym?” – Which of you has never thought, at least once in your life, to one of these sentences? Perhaps few can raise their hands. These thoughts and moods are the result of one and the same condition: boredom.

Fun and passion are at the base of the choice. Going to the gym, if you are not very passionate about weightlifting, if you don’t love socializing and if you don’t know what to do exactly, it can really become fun’s burial place. Instead, fun is the basis of sports practice: choosing a stimulating activity increases the possibility of practicing it. Most people do not practice physical activity due to lack of time, but the truth is that time is found for the things we like. The key to incorporating physical activity into your life is to identify an activity that excites you: getting involved in a sport will lead you to practice it more frequently and with a more than positive result on your health.

In Europe the most practiced sports are fitness, football, especially among men under 35, and water sports. But we also invite you to consider sports like tennis, golf, climbing, martial arts, biking or running.

How to choose the perfect sport for each of us? Here are some points to consider before choosing:

  1. Analyze your personal tastes. Do you love team or individual sports? Do you love being outdoors or do you prefer an indoor facility? Do you prefer fast and dynamic sports or slow and long ones?
  2. Determine your logistical needs and choose a sport that matches your needs. In addition to entertainment, it is necessary that the sport be sustainable over time so we do not recommend enrolling in a ski club if you already know you cannot go to the mountains every weekend, or we do not recommend registering for the lunch break Judo course, unless the gym is right under your office.
  3. Be sure of your state of health. “Health status” means the medical conditions associated with your health. The law does not provide for us to undergo a test unless we practice competitive activity, even if, for some sports, it is considered essential. Talk to your doctor and try to understand what exam is best to undergo – from a simple electrocardiogram to a more detailed visit – before starting the sport you have chosen.
  4. Be realistic with respect to your fitness. When we say “state of form” we think of your body’s real ability to manage a more or less intense sport. If you haven’t been training for 10 years, we don’t recommend you start playing tennis every day during your lunch break: such a dynamic sport practiced at such a high frequency could be a source of injury.
  5. Rely on a professional. Especially if you have been away for a long time, invest in some private lessons. Having a trainer available to take you step by step to your goals will allow you to better face a possible group course, limit injuries and determine your limits and your strengths in complete safety.

Choosing the most suitable sport can be extremely complex and getting confused between the various possibilities is quite simple. Following this list will make it easier for you to set your priorities and finally incorporate sports into your routine.

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