By Virginia De Masi

MONACO. Two magnificent locations back to life will host the Men’s Fashion Show in Sanremo. They are the historic Teatro del Casino Municipale and the renovated Piazza Borea d´Olmo in front of the popular Music Song Festival Ariston Theater. The city returns to its greatness recording the exciting atmosphere of the 60s. In those days famous Italian designers presented their collections on the red carpet of the gambling house, welcomed by an admired public and by the international press. Newspapers from all over the world stood behind the scenes of the great event looking for new journalistic topics like a scoop, and the just born gossip mania. The City of Flowers, Music and Fashion proposes a return to the origins by recovering the historical past that made Sanremo great not only for the Song Festival, but also in the Fashion dedicated to Man. Today’s stylists, with some of old brands like Nino Cerutti and Carlo Pignatelli, to name two, will dress 20 professional models and present the Fashion Show of new exclusive collections that are to be re-proposed in Paris, Milan and New York.

Cary Grant Italian Style in 1955

All this would not have been possible without the Confartigianato Imprese Italia and the proposal of our director Mr Ilio Masprone. As for the the Municipality the Councilors Mr Giuseppe Faraldi and Mr Mauro Menozzi considered very useful to resume an event linked to the Fashion sector and they agreed to granting the patronage. In fact, Italian fashion is an excellence product  that the country exports with success worldwide therefore creating new markets. After dressing politics, celebrities and actors like Cary Grant, unforgettable interpreter with the future princess of Monaco Grace Kelly of the Hitchcock’s  movie “To catch a Thief”, Sanremo relaunches its winning hand on the table with the Men’s Fashion Show, looking forward to making people forget the horrible time linked to the pandemic crisis as well. This Summer, Fashion, Music and Flowers will be  the ideal ingredients that will trigger the Social Networks and create the virtual communication so loved by the new generations. To go into details, the program is the following: on Saturday 17 July at 2.00 pm the Municipality of Sanremo and Confartigianato Imprese will propose a photo shoot with the 20 Models and Stylists on the Casino’s steps; at 4.00 pm Confartigianato Convention with the preparation of vintage posters and precious relics related to the fashion of that time, in the presence of the public, with free admission at the Teatro del Casino Municipale; at 7.00 pm aperitif for operators at the Biribissi Casino Restaurant, by invitation; at 9.00 pm opening to the public in the renovated Piazza Borea d´Olmo with the official presentation of the event and the great Men’s Fashion Show and the extraordinary participation of some musical interventions with illustrious guests.

We remind our friends from the Principality of Monaco not to miss the opportunity to come and visit Sanremo, the city of flowers and of the famous Italian Song Festival.



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